Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dueling Appliances

Hey everyhusky (and dog) my tummy is feeling much better today. Thanks for all of the well wishes and good tummy vibes, it seems to be working.

I was well enough to claw the human woman's leg really hard and have her take me outside. She still doesn't seem to be reacting fast enough, so its taking 2 claws to get her to move. Either I'm losing my clawability, or she's wearing thigh guards under those obnoxious sleepy pants.

There is apparently some kind of appliance duel going on between my human woman, and the Army of Four's human woman. Its like they're out of some bizarro alternate reality. The AO4 was nice enough to blog their appliances, so just to show you how weird this is....

The almost SAME washer and dryer as the AO4.

The EVIL Dyson

The EVIL Simple Stupid Human impenatrable garbage can.

And yes, you guessed it:

The Squirrely RAV. The human woman is a big Foamy the Squirrel fan, so instead of Squirrely wrath, she calls it the Squirrely RAV, get it? Yeah, its totally lame, and I should have pooped in her shoes last night while I had the chance.

There are other similarities: The AO4 had a deck and stuff built, so did we at the same time. Their human woman is nuts... my human woman is nuts. I have no idea if they have to put up with sleepy pants all the time or not like I do.

You'll notice that I'm not in any of the pictures... that's because I hate all of this stuff and refuse to pose next to it. Well, I like going for rides in the Meeshka RAV, since it is MY ride, but it was dark when the human woman finally got off her butt to take pictures, so she used an old photo for the RAV, back when it was clean, brand new, and not full of my fur, like it should be.

So, there you have it. Conspiracy, or coicidence... you decide.

(what the heck is going on with the world!)


Macie-Malechai said...

Do do do do, it is like a weird episode of the Twilight Zone (we've seen reruns}or something, the only thing we know for sure is you both must have excellent taste as you both have Huskies, wooowooo!

JustMeCopper said...

Conspiracy I am sure.

My Mom has a Dyson too. It is not purple though. She loves it and uses it to vacumm up the piles of stuffed toy fur I make all over the house.

Glad you are feeling better.

IndyPindy said...

My parents are cheap. They don't have a Dyson, but the vacuum that they have sure does suck my hair up off of the carpet! And it sucks, too! Haha!

Glad you are feeling better. Hey, how wierd is it that we are both gorgeous red and white Huskies, we both live in Maryland, our humans volunteer for the same rescue, and we both got upset tummies at the same time and seem to be getting better at the same time?


Holly said...

Well Meeshka, at least your humans don't keep the laundry things and garbage can begind closed doors! Our humans have a seperate room for the washing and drying machines, and the garbage can is shut up in a closet too. We can never get to it to go through it and see if there is anything good to dig out. We have the same EVIL Dyson though. We all run out the doggie door when that comes out. Abby is the only one brave enough to try and attack it. Our mom gave up her Siberian Utility Vehicle and they got a big Voyager van. They took all the back seats out, so now it fits all 5 of us very well! It is referred to as "the furmobile", and is used specifically for doggie transport. How lucky are we? Our own van!
Glad you are feeling better too. Just to be sure, you might want to eat some grass and then horka it up for your human woman. I know she will appreciate that!

Fu Fu said...

Meeshka, You have the $200 rubbish bin too?

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Meeshka: Glad you're feeling better! This appliance thing just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it? And FuFu... I blame Meeshka's human for the $200 trash can at our house! I was so happy with the old one and the treats I could get out of it!!! :/

Kelsey and Smokey said...

So glad that you're feeling better!

My humes have a fur sucker upper too and I don't particularly care for it. The laundry applicances are in the basement behind a closed door so those don't bother me too much.

We too have a fur mobile. It's a small four door car. Our hudad drives a van. You'd think we could use that since we're so big and furry, but he doesn't want to get fur all over his work clothes. Suck it up Nancy. That's what I say.

As for the garbage can, our humes put it on the counter and bungee cord it to the cabinet doors because I can knock it down. They had it in a cabinet, but I could get in there too.

I like Hollybollyboo's idea about eating the grass and horkin. I may have to do that tonight for kicks!

Talk to you soon!