Monday, March 31, 2008

Skin Issues

Yeah, I know I haven't blogged in a few days and all, but I started having skin issues. The human woman thinks its from that new food that all her human friends rant and rave about how much their dogs love it and it does such a good thing for their coats and fluffiness.

So, you would think that with all of my fluffiness that it would make me even more fluffier, but nooooo, oh nooooo.

Apparently, for some reason I appear to have some sort of horrible allergy to one of the ingredients and I started itching, and itching, and I couldn't stop itching and it got worse and worse and before the humans could figure out what was wrong... yep, you guessed it. Shaved.

Ya know, I have to admit that I kinda like that cool breeze on those nether regions.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh our poor Khwueen and HER Supreme Fluffyness -

Woo do look khlassikhly pretty in pink!


JustMeCopper said...

Shaved?!?! Oh no! I can relate. I have itches too! to food.

Kapp pack said...

Oh No! We are not responsible for the itching. We did not force your human to buy that food!

Woo woo, KA

Thor said...

Oh no! Allergic to Canidae?! Our poor queen! We are so sorry to hear that the human shaved you! It will grow back, and you will be just as majestic!


Holly said...

Please do not tell me your humans shaved away all your beautiful fluff!!! I find that picture hard to believe! They would never do that to YOU!! They know what you are capable of!!

Maybe you need to join our family. We are very use to skin/food allergies. I would suggest a test to determine what is is, that way you know what to eliminate, and what you can keep. costs us about $245.

Good luck!


Woofwoof said...

Oh Meeshka, you look so, oh so... delicious. Those drumsticks. Must resist.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Meeshka! I am sorry to hear you are having skin issues! What a bummer!! I hope your mom is doing something to bring you relief... wait a moment. I am SURE she is! She is a great lady!

The Daily Echo said...

Oh poor you! Our Shyla can't have Canidae due to her grain allergies and also to the alfalfa meal (Mom thinks) that is found in Canidae. She is on California Natural Herring/Sweet Potato with no problems and no itchies.

Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there Meeshka~
So furry sorry to hear about your "shave". Looks kind of Brazilian....
I just hope the human woman is not out shopping for some kind of coat or sweater to further your torture. If that happens, let me know.....I'm here to help protect your "highness-ness".

Thunder, Stormy and the yappitizers. said...

Aw, Meeshka. How awful to loose your fluffiness! We hope you stop itching soon.

We still think you are a Queen!

Thunder & Stormy