Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Thanks to the Mutatoe

No thanks to the Mutatoe, I've had a really boring and totally frustrating weeekend.

It all started out friday when the suck up gimpy mutatoe caught a mole in MY yard. Its MY yard and he should have caught it and then handed it straight to me, but no. He at least should have eaten the tasty morsel, but no. He likes to lay in the yard with the tasty, dead, chewed mole sitting between his mutatoe feet and parade it in front of me. The human woman, as usual, came out and saw us in prey mode and took the mole away from the mutatoe and she tossed it over the fence... as usual.

Ok, so that's a normal routine around here and as she had some stupid human things to do, she gave us our kongs and went and did her thing. When she came back, the Mutatoe gacked a bit when he got out of his crate, which he does sometimes, but when he got outside, he horka'd his entire kong lunch in the yard. That's not usual. I tried to claw him some, but he didn't even want to chase me or nothing!

The human woman came out in the yard and found him all curled up, drooling and not feeling well at all. He didn't even want to get up and he was shaking a bit. She immediately freaked out, locked spineless Sam and I in our crates and took Mutatoe to the vet. He wasn't even excited to go in the truck with her... so we knew he was sickly.

From what I gathered, the vet ruled out all of the very, very bad things that it could be (bloat, torsion, poison), and decided to take pictures of his innards, and poke him for blood and all of that came back normal too, except he was very gaseous. He shared his gas with the whole vet clinic too, they were very happy about that. They poked him again and put water in him because he was low on water, and he had a temperature, so they gave him some stuff to fix that.

He got to come home that night with the spigot in his leg and he still didn't feel too good. Didn't grumble at me or Sam, just curled up on the bed and slept.

Once again, in the morning, he got to go back to the vet and they put more water in him and more medicines in the tube, and by the time he got home a few hours later... he was feeling a lot better, still gassy, but hey, he's back to being obnoxious again. Since his stomach is all upset, he has to take pills. Normally pills mean LIVERGREAT! but not this time. Because he has an upset stomach, he has to eat bland food, so he gets pills in the bland food. We get the bland food too. The human woman thinks that if one gets bland food, then we all get bland food. Its actually pretty tasty for bland food, a nice change of pace from our regular foods.

So, here is the lesson that the humans learned this weekend:

Oh, and the human's coffee maker died... there was a lot of keening, screaming, crying, and loss of body control until they went out and got another one. Eesh.


  1. Sounds like you need to stage a mutiny like we are, that is absolutely NO way for a queen to be treated!
    Though we're all glad the mutatoe will be ok, we think he owes you a mole!
    Bama & the RHP

  2. Is the mutatoe's production of gas going to make Al Gore's head explode?

  3. I'm with Tubey!

    Do I hear khowbells?

    Keep your poor mutatoe bro a few days of Meeshka Mercy - then GET HIM when he's feeling better!


  4. Harrrrr
    You need to buy a gas mask to live with mutatoe Harrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Poor Loki! I hope the gas has subsided!!! Oh, and thank DOG the humans got another coffee maker. Now, they need the GRIDDLER!!

  6. Too bad it wasn't a piece of carpet like Summi's brother ate. At least that didn't make him sick.

    Glad the Mutatoe is feeling better. I think he was faking it so he could get out of the house for a while and make you jealous.


  7. I hope that Loki feels better soon - maybe you could be nice to him for just one day ? Okay - what about an hour then ? :-)

    You really need to put your hoomans on notice that they really need to start taking notice of your Queen status and start to treat you accordingly :-)


  8. We're very glad Loki is feeling better! You should be glad he didn't share the mole with you...then you would BOTH be sick!

    Poppy & Penny

  9. We hope Loki is feeling better. Mom sends her sympathies for the coffe maker and the $$$. She says we are all real good at breaking the monthly budgets.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  10. All that cause he nibbled on a mole? I dunno, "something smells rotten in Denmark" (I heard the bipeds say that, not sure what it means, it just sounded appropriate here) Too bad you didn't even get any livergreat out of the whole episode. Maybe next time....

    Wooos & a-rooos, we do hope ;the mutatoe recovers,
    Star & the Jack a-rooo

  11. We're glad Loki's feeling much better now and we've officially scratched moles off of our menu. We're even wondering about field mice now. Woo.

  12. I'm visiting each Dogs with Blogs blog. Now I've reached yours!


  13. Poor Loki! We're glad he's feeling better!