Name Confusion

I wanted to thank Zim’s humans for setting me straight that Zim was a HER, not a him. I’m talking about Zim of puppy olympics, not Zim of A04. Ok, that’s not too confusing, is it?

So, Zim is actually a female, but her full name is Mr. Hakizimana... ok, I’m going to need a nap after all of this confusion.

Since we now know that Mr. Zim is actually a Ms. Zim, I thought I’d share some other faux pas moments I’ve had:

Opy is a girl, and named after Oprah, not Opy of the Andy Griffith show.

Huffle is actually Stella and a girl, and a cat, but an honorary Husky and member of HULA.

There are many more and if I refer to you as a he and you are a she, or vice versa... get over it, I have a world to rule so I can’t be bothered with gender details anyway.

Speaking of pee, which I wasn’t, but that’s what the human woman was just on the phone about. On friday she stole my pee. She snuck up while I was finding the perfect spot and then shoved a plastic container between my legs and stole my pee.

I’m convinced she’s selling it on ebay or something, but she claims it went to my doctor for testing. Apparently my doctor and the human woman said that my pre-operative blood work came back with one wacky value and they wanted to rule out something called Cushings. Frankly I’m a bit upset that they keep up with the stupid weight jokes, I do NOT look like a cushion, I am big boned and very fluffy I am not overweight and yes Indy, I’m still not talking to your human woman for that Lane Bryant model comment! Oh, cushings... not cushions... nevermind.

Before you all freak out, your Queen is fine, my pee is normal (and goes well with some fava beans). So, yes I do pant and seek out cold places to lay, but I’M A FREAKING FLUFFY HUSKY IN GAWDAWFUL HOT MERRYLAND WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?????

Oh, sorry, I’ve been a bit tense lately as I now can’t pee without fearing that someone will steal it.

I’m fluffy, that’s hot


  1. So glad to hear that woo don't have Cushing's - it is not much fun, trust me, I know firsthand. They steal my pee here all the time but I get back at them by leaving the excess I have to get rid of on the "papers" overnight.

    Woo, Dakota of the OP Pack

  2. Oh no I hope my mum doesn't get any ideas... you know she is starting to follow what your human woman does!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  3. Not fair to give boys girls names and girls boys names! How are we supposed to know when we can't check out the plumbing ourselves?


  4. It's good to know that our queen is fine.

    My Momma can't steal my pee that way. I'm even fluffier and hover just inches from the ground so they have to use other methods to steal my pee. But Momma could put a bowl on the ground and Brice would probably pee in it for her.

    Princess Eva

  5. Why would anyone name a her Mr? I don't get it.

    So happy you are all healthy!!! And there is nothing wrong with being big boned and fluffy! I'm right there with ya girl friend!!


  6. Yes - woo are soooo hot!

    I mean, I khan't disagree with woo - you'll chastise me and khall me names -

    Nothing wrong with fluffy - the woman I pull around each day is khwite that -


  7. Call a girl "Mr." something then don't understand why people think she's a boy? Umm....
    And besides, Zim is SUCH a boy's name! Really!
    Whenever the vets try a "free catch" pee sample with Dave, he fills it up happily... then kicks the ladle out of their hands. Ha roo roo roo! I think that's funny. I tried it once, and they ended up sticking a needle in my bladder. It wasn't so funny then.
    Play bows and I'm glad you're in good health!

  8. We're glad you weren't proclaimed a cushion - I mean Cushings - but really, you should sneak up on Mom when she's trying to pee and try to steal hers! I'd say she went too far on that one. I'd like to see mine try that.

  9. WOO WOO Meeshka

    We are so happy you don't have Cushings but stealing your stuff - that's just not right! I agree with Echo - I think you should try and steal your Mom's!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  10. HA WOO! So...would you say that you liken your pee to a fine Chianti?

    That's rude. Nobody should steal your pee.



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