Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rest In Peace My Friend

It is with a very heavy heart that I paw this blog post. A very special friend of mine has passed and the world seems so much heavier today.

Three years ago I was honored to meet via the Interwebs a very stunning Labrador by the name of Charlie C Bucks of Dogs with Blogs. I had a crush on Charlie from afar but never said anything about it. He was so far away and most long distance relationships never work out, even for a Queen of the world. Despite our distance, Charlie was always supportive of my work as the Queen of the World, and he and Opy were very supportive of me during Blogathon 2006 and my other adventures to raise money to help pups find good homes.

Charlie did a lot of good things for other pups as well, being one of the first pups to get a bionic heart pacemaker thing. His humans are also wonderful humans (for humans, that is) and did a lot of good things for pups and organized the whole Dogs with Blogs movement.

Charlie seemed invincible, chugging along, driving his humans crazy, and destroying things when he could. He was a very honored and cherished member of HULA, and someone that I looked to for advice and counsel.

Charlie lost his fight today and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. While I know that he will be met by a lot of the same pups that he helped and who loved him (including Nikki and the old guy-guy Nova, to name a few), he leaves an incredibly huge hole in the earth down here, one that will be hard to fill again.

Charlie lives on in all of our hearts. Thanks to his humans, we all have a bit of Charlie in our hearts, and we learned so much from him and will continue to spread his love throughout the world.

Thank you Charlie, and run free and proud, across the Rainbow Bridge my friend.


  1. Well pawed our Khween...

    It has been a sukhky day since Mom saw the news on FB...

    Tank dog we had each other to pull on ...

    Such a big loss...a big big loss...


  2. Lovely post to a special guy. We're so sad here and heartbroken for C's family. :(

  3. He touched so many lives and is SOOOO missed.
    Wonderful post.
    Tail wags,

  4. What wonderful words. We are all sad about Charlie too. He was super pup.


  5. No one can woof it like you, Queen Meeshka. Charlie was my hero and role model. I will miss him!

  6. What a beautiful tribute!

  7. Such a nice post in honor of Charlie.


  8. Lovely tribute your Highness. My mum and dad knew Charlie personally and mum is crying all over again.

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Our condolences to you as well as Charlie's family. It hurts to lose a good friend, they are a treasure. Your woos are a furry loving heartfelt tribute.

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  10. Anonymous10:39 PM

    WOO Queen of the World, so eloquently wooed. We have a heavy heart today... Kayla and Maebe

  11. Meeshka,

    You have wooed such wonderful words for a wonderful friend. We are missing him too. The world is not the same.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. A beautiful tribute to Charlie!

  13. Thank you - I can't find the words, but Thank You.


  14. Charlie is THE icon of DWB. Words cannot express how sorry we were to hear of his passing. He will definitely be missed by all of the DWB community.