Saturday, December 26, 2009

New HULA Member: Diefenbaker

Now that my glorious snow is all melted from the stupid rain and my yard is nothing more than a quicksand pit of goo, I figured its a sign for me to get busy with inducting some new HULA members.

I have to admit, I've been purposefully ignoring young princess Dief for a while. She has so much potential, and frankly its been fun watching her do more and more devious things in order to get a coveted HULA membership. I nearly piddled in the human woman's chair when I saw the mud fest and frankly, there's no better way to totally freak out a human for no reason than by revealing your (natural) third eye lid at them and thinking your eye is going to fall out. Simply brilliant!

I also commend you on your methodology for telling your humans when you have to go outside, the tongue in the nose thing really does work.

So Diefenbaker, I hereby award you with a coveted spot in the HULA Hoop, so very well deserved, and I know you will strive to come up with new and exciting ways to torture your humans, and assist me in taking over the world.



  1. Khongrats Dief!

    Now to pawmit Ozzie's sisFUR ZoZo into the special khlub!


  2. Congratulations Dief! I had round worms a few weeks ago and Ozzie got peed on by the neighbor's dog. Does that help our chances any?


  3. Way to go Dief!!! Keep up the good work!! The mud fest is definitely my favorite!!

    Khady Lynn

  4. Anonymous3:29 AM

    YAY Dief! Welcome to HULA!!! Woo are quite worthy of the honor.

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  5. Congrats Dief! My brudder Nikita gots one too. He says welcome to da club! It's awfully fun!

    Husky kisses,

  6. Welcome to the HULA hoop Dief!

  7. Congratulations Dief. We are so proud of you.

  8. Sometimes I am surprised that we made it to the Hula Hoop because we are not nearly as good as pups like Dief! Way to go Dief!


  9. Congrats to Dief - well earned for sure. Mom says we may have to wait for another puppy to arrive before our family truly earns membership. She said we got some sort of honorary membership, guess we need to start getting more creative .

    woos, TD and Phantom

  10. I have another candidate for you. Go see my blog for the story of Penelope, the evil french husky of doom.

  11. Awooo wooo woooo, thank you!!!!

    Power to the fluffy!!!