Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Interupt This Snow for a Special Announcement

You may recall that last year, the Iams Corporation promised to make a livergreat food if we got over a million pets adopted last year. Good news for all of the homeless pups, kitties, and other furries, their goal was met, but I'm still waiting on the livergreat food.

So, when Victoria, the poodle dressed as a human that works for the Iams marketing firm, contacted me again, she was very apologetic about the lack of livergreat food, and asked for my help with finding more homes for the homeless pets this year.

Well, I guess I can set aside my wants, needs, and desires for another year, and I command all of you with blogs to spread the word of this good cause once again. We need your help getting all of these potential HULA members a home so that we can take over the world!

All of you bloggers, go get the badge to the right to show your support for finding homes for pups, and kits, and hamsterriers and others who don't have loving homes yet, and tell everyone you know to support this good cause! I DEMAND THAT YOU ALL COMPLY, and I'll make sure you get a stash of the new livergreat food that Iams, once again, promises to produce.

Ok, back to laying in the snow.



  1. Added it to my blog too! Should I paw a letter to Victoria in support of Livergreat snacks?

    jack a-roo

  2. I will have my mum add this when her head is not exploding any more. Hopefully that will be soon.