Its time to revisit the concept of "sharing" again.  I'm pretty sure that in past posts I've made it very clear that:

  1. What's mine is mine
  2. What yours is also mine
  3. If you refuse to give me what it is yours, I will take it
  4. Taking things typically involves shedding your blood, so its just easier to hand it to me and don't make me ask for it.
Case in point, the other day, the Mutatoe caught a small woodland creature.  Normally he'll catch it, I'll ask for it, he'll give it (because he knows what happens if he doesn't) and I'm happy... but not this time.

Before I could officially ask him for it, the human woman came outside, saw us in conference, yelled at us, grabbed a plastic bag, and started her run out to us.  Typically this ends with the Mutatoe spewing the tasty, dead thing out for the human woman (because he's such a suck up mamby pamby momma's boy), and the tasty dead thing gets tossed over the fence.

I didn't know whether to be proud or angry when he chewed and swallowed it.  On one hand, there's the defiance of not kowtowing to the human woman and relinquishing the delicacy... but then there's this whole "I didn't get mine" thing.  It looked pretty tasty too.  Just to be on the safe side, I threw him to the ground and stomped on him, just so he's clear that the procedure should have been: ptooey dead thing toward me so that I can snatch it up and swallow it.

He's useless.



  1. I'm sorry that everyone at your house is stupid and that they don't understand the rules!

  2. Well, at least you had a reason to stomp on him other than "just because". Sorry you didn't get the tasty treat.


  3. Queen Natasha the Evil that you have your servants do your hunting for you. She still catches her own. Perhaps you can provide a lesson in that important skill.

  4. It's hard to get good help these days, Meeshka.

  5. Although I do not prefer the dead, furry creatures, I definitely see your point. Husky rules are there for a reason. To benefit the house leaders! On a personal note, I like my meals cooked, in a nice clean bowl with no entrails hanging out.


  6. He ate it? Bummer! What a dork. Let the stomping commence.


  7. I suppose if woo stomped him hard enough, he might have still given it back. Just sayin'...

    miss moo

  8. Woos Meeshka! So tell me how woo get the lower orders to catch things fur woo, I still have to do all of the hunting around here, as the border collie is useless, all he does is scare away my prey. I always swallow when Mom yells at me to leave it!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. Sounds like you have things pretty well worked out around there. They just don't always go according to plan.


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