Sunday, November 28, 2010

Subtle Hint

Five days ago the Human Woman came home and pronounced that she had a glorious five days off. Fantastic for us because that meant she could wait on us hand and foot and play with us, and generally do our bidding.

We're on Day Five right now. When she said that she planned on lounging around in sleepy pants for five days, we just assumed that meant 5 pairs of sleepy pants, and not one general ensemble for the whole five days, and there would be some bathing involved somewhere along the line. I mean its fine for Huskies to go months, if not years, without a bath because we are self cleaning (and scotch-guarded) but humans tend to reek after a few days of not slathering the foaming stinky faux flower soap stuff on them.

It wasn't so bad days 1-4, but it finally got cold enough for the house heat to turn on, and frankly we thought something tasty had died in the heater, then we got up close to her... uh huh.



  1. We thought we saw a sign off the Indiana Turnpike of Whelping Place of Famous Khartoonist...

    Mom khouldn't get the flashie beastie turned on in time to snag it...

    Please akhcept our apologisies and use your Siberian imaginations as to what it looked like...

    PeeEssWoo: I have the same trouble with mine too!

  2. That's hysterical! Love the mutatoe rolling in your human woman's lap!

    jack & moo

  3. Same thing happened here. Momma washed up for the actual Thanksgiving holiday but just stewed in her own juices for the rest of the weekend. I'm not bothered. Makes her smell more like momma.


  4. Just more proof that your human and mine were separated at birth.

  5. I think that is a requirement of time off for humans. It happens here too.


  6. I'm lucky, I don't seem to suffer these bath things. But I don't notice a lot of water being splashed around here in winter over them either.

  7. It must have been an epidemic! Mommy did the same thing here! And woofs...she had stink in places that made me proud! I love my mommy!


  8. That was great! The cartoon - awesome! Note to Sibes: Sleepy pants are the best for us Humans when we're off from work! Hope your Hu-Mom enjoyed her time off!