Sunday, March 06, 2011

New HULA Members - Sparky and Patches

There are some pups who just jump right out at you and say "HULA" and Sparky did just that today with his amazing endeavors.

In just one day, Sparky has managed to encompass almost ALL of the HULA requirements, and he did so with flair!

First of all, he lives with a Human Woman named Kat... get it... like that isn't funny all by itself, but it gets better!  Yes, it actually gets better!

Sometime last night, Sparky and Patches ate an entire bag of uncooked rice.  Why?  Who cares, its funny, and it totally freaked out their human woman, who had to call a vet and explain what had happened. 

The icing on the HULA cake was this:
Yep, he killed a stuffie, and not only did he kill and shred the stuffie throughout the house, but when his Human Woman was cleaning it up... he dumped over her large caramel mocha coffee.  Bravo!  Way to add insult to injury, way to rub salt in the wound... BRILLIANT!!!!

I think its only fair, seeing how he's had to put up with this crap:
Not to ignore the contributions of Patches, who poses as a snuggle bug cutie pup most of the time:
He's actually a total nutcase that destroys the house if he's left alone without Sparky
Gosh, that's beautiful.

So, for all of your hard work and dedicated service to the global goal of driving humans insane... this HULA is for you!



Dexter said...



Teddy Westlife said...

Welcome to the HULA hoop puppers! What a stellar effort.

Khady Lynn said...

That is most impressive, especially for non-Sibes!!

Khady Kynn

The Army of Four said...

Uhh.... I'm still stuck on them living with a Kat...

Sparky said...

We're planning our next HULA fiasco now. Don't tell our mama. We have become pros at the sneak attack.

Maxmom said...

So funny!
Sending lotsalicks