Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wonders of Modern Medicine

The other day, Zim contacted me because his human woman was negligent in her walking duties.

It seems that unlike my human woman, Zim and Dave get twice daily walks and get to go see things all the time.  They actually have an ocean, and a giant's castle, and they get close up sniffs of kitties and things.

Me... well, this is what I see every day:

Yeah... how... exciting.

Today we got to do this:
This is us... snoopervising the workmen at the crappy foreclosed house next door.  We can't play with them, or even sufficiently make sure they are doing a good job (and from the looks of it on our deck vantage point... they aren't)... but I digress.

Zim was upset because his human woman was unable to walk them because of the pollen and some stupid fires that were intentionally set to keep stupid cedar trees from taking over the prairie (whatever the prairie is), and as Turbo says... just stupid.

So I mentioned the myriad of pharmaceuticals my human woman dumps into her body on an average day, and suggested that their human woman go buy some of them.  For instance, this is what my human woman looks like without Zyrtec:
She's like a living zombie shuffling around.  We can barely get her to feed us when she's in a pollen stupor, and I won't even go into the gacking she makes from the post nasal drip stuff... she's disgusting actually, except for the tasty kleenex she leaves around.

But after popping some allergy pills, she's the picture of vibrancy and pep:
um... ok, she's a living zombie drinking coffee... and this is why we never get out of the yard, but apparently it worked for Zim and Dave, and now they are back to getting their walks again.

Us... not so much.



The Army of Four said...

Does your human drink Starbuck's espresso roast out of a huge Tervis tumbler cup? In multiples? That seems to help a lot around here.
Play bows,

Rufus Goodpuppy said...
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Jack & Moo said...

Hmm, our humom drinks gallons of that coffee stuff. It seems to be her drug of choice. Some days it works & we get walks, somedays not. Usually persistent snooter-bonking & bumping of her elbow, along with Jack whining like a little girl around 4 pm, will get her up out of her chair in front of the computer & hopefully she'll snap on our leashes. We haven't had to deal with allergy issues…yet. If we do, we'll consult Dr. Meeshka immediately.

jack & moo

The Ao4 really have exceptional humans, don't they?

The Thundering Herd said...

We take a slightly more direct approach. We get walked every day and the house is allowed to remain standing. Simple, but effective.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, Meeshka, that is just so unfair you just get to look at the wooden fence. The three of us doggies only get to walk one route and she's kind of hard to pull along, but at least we do get to walk Jan.

Shane Kent Louis said...

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