Almonds are Most Certainly Bad

So... the Human Man drops a few of these tasty looking morsels on the floor

Yep, those are almonds.  Tasty... crunchy... not good for dogs.

How do I know this... well...

Every half hour... without fail... sometimes with epic fail when the Humans wouldn't leap out of bed and let me out... it was brutal.

So... since Sam had a tooth removed, he's relegated to a soft diet, and since I'm a poo machine, it's a soft bland food diet... which is...


Not only do we have to eat it... but it requires that the food be soaked to make it soft, so not only do we have prison rations, but we have to stand there and wait for it while it soaks.

Torture.  Pure torture.

We are slowly getting our regular tasty food added, but this process can't end soon enough.

I'm literally wasting away... but at least my poo is back to normal.

- Meeshka


  1. oh your poor highness!

  2. My mum is allergic to nuts so we never have those in the house. Sounds like it is just as well!


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