Saturday, July 02, 2022

Nose Candy

 Humans are such funny creatures. They wear clothes (in Bleeder's case, she wears clothes badly), but on shoes, complain about the cold, complain about the heat, and won't share all of their tasty foodables.

The strangest thing they do is blow their nose in a tasty paper thing, then throw it away. THROW IT AWAY! They also put tasty paper into the sitting water bowl and it disappears. DISAPPEARS!

This soft, thin paper is delicious, and even more delicious when sprinkled with nose candy. I must have it.

They've tried to be very good about not leaving it where I can get it, but during the night, they are forced to either get out of bed (leaving me to nab their spot) or place it someplace safe until morning. 

Toast was putting it in his side bed stand drawer, then getting up, emptying the drawer of tastiness and throwing it away. But I watched him. Pretty soon he stopped cleaning it out every morning, and I waited.

I don't know how he thought a drawer was safe.

It has a handle

I have paw with claws

It slides out very easily

Soon, I had a whole mouthful of nose candy goodness.

I prance out of the bedroom to gloat about my accomplishment, but Toast and Bleeder did not seem as pleased, which caused me to do a sudden about face and seek sanctuary... under the bed.

They have the fancy Sleep Number and although they've put up blockades to keep me from crawling under it (and gnawing on all of those tasty wires and hoses) there is one spot that they felt I couldn't possibly fit.... until I fit. 

Great fun watching them try to get me, as they are old, creaky, and don't bend well.

The only problem then was Bleeder found a piece of something that fit into that space, and now I'm entirely blocked out. They've also been more careful about leaving the Nose Candy in the drawer.

They have to ruin EVERYTHING!

I got some more toys yesterday, and no, I'm not talking about big snake #3, which was removed unceremoniously the usual way.

I got a new indoor chew wheel with squeakers, and a puzzle toy that is impossible, so I ignore it, and a tug-o-war toy with ropes and tennis balls, giant tennis balls (one is already missing) a Wubba (that's still in the bag because Toast wants to "draw out the fun", and another squishy ball thing (also in the bag because party pooper Toast).

To mix things up, I'm not getting some banana and yogurt kibble squished into my kongs and frozen. That's a refreshing and tasty treat.

They've moved my bed AGAIN, but now I actually use it when the Roomba is out, careening into everything (including me) for safety.

Currently Bleeder is growing some vegetables in the deck planters on the railings. The other day she discovered that I can actually reach them for a little taste, so I'm guessing there will be some form of formal blocking mechanism that comes from this. I do enjoy a challenge.


  1. You still have SO MUCH human training to do -

    Both NAK and NAM were tissue hounds - although in NAK's khase she just redistributed them - if they were in one of those bathroom wastebaskets, she would just pluck it out and leave it there --

    Good luck with getting your veggies!

    NAK's Mom

  2. Rufus Goodpuppy8:50 PM

    Wow, Casey, I agree that those tasty papers are better with stuff on them. I've gotten particularly fond of the ones they use to wipe their fingers & mouths when they have foodables. They ALWAYS leave those on the table when they're finished. Yum!