Sunday, October 02, 2022

When Does It Snow?

 I'm currently curled up in my little bed, my squeaky mushroom for a pillow, waiting for snow.

Thanks to some annoying person named "Ian" it's been nothing but cloudy, rainy, and gross outside. Well, honestly, it's gloriously muddy, tons of new sticks to chew on, and fun to shake all of the rain off my coat onto Toast and Bleeder, but they claim it's nasty, therefore they won't go outside with me to sniff the new sniffs and stomp in the mud. Because I'm left to my own devices, I've collected a wide variety of sticks and branches to chew on just outside the door. I've learned that some sticks just won't fit in my door, but I'll figure that out in my own time.

Even when Bleeder comes outside all bundled up against the rain to search the Poorimeter with her magical bag of poo-be-gone, she complains and grumbles about rain falling on her head and down her neck. Humans truly need to grow more fur. It saves time having to get dressed, and it keeps the water from permeating onto the skin, like mine.

We took a ride yesterday to the vet clinic for my nail trim. Once again I prance to the back and let them clip my nails, but I'm not letting Bleeder or Toast near my feet. While we waited, I sniffed things, pulled on my leash to play with all of the other puppers that came out (they had cones of shame on and were in no mood to play so I was kept well into the distance so I couldn't disturb them), and by the time my appointment was over, I was a bit tired.

I did get a very large "Spoiled Dog" cookie in the shape of a bone, but Toast is only allowing me to have small bits of it at a time, as it was very large and he's concerned about my weight ... I am svelte and athletic, I have no idea what he's talking about.

Last week I received some new toys. The Rabbit was great fun... until it exploded this morning. It went into the silver storage bin. My shroom is still unscathed, and as I mentioned above, it doubles as a handy pillow.

Recently deceased rabbit is in the background

I am enjoying the cooler days and nights though! It's way more fun to run around the yard and chase things when it's not sweltering. My furs are getting thicker as well, which means at any time, we'll have oodles of snow and I can play caribou take down with Bleeder. She loves that game, I can tell by her screams.

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