Counter Surfing

 Bleeder and Toast are amazed that I'm not a counter surfing husky... until.

Sure, I tried when I was much younger.

If only I could reach that box...

I continued to try as I got older

Almost there... on my tippy toes

OOOH so close, move your big butt Bleeder

Well, let's just say that I've grown to my full potential, and that potential is that I can now reach things on the counter... things like an entire bag of thinly sliced Provolone cheese the Toast left out on the counter for 3 seconds... unguarded... all alone... calling to me.

Yep, that was a very tasty treat, and in my exuberance, I neglected to leave any for Toast's tasty sammich that he had planned (and was probably not going to share with me, so serves him right).

He ratted me out to Bleeder when she got home. To her credit, Bleeder was not surprised or upset, and chastised Toast for his neglect. I think her exact words were "duh".

I realize that I've given away my game plan and have demonstrated my skills sufficiently to NOT BE TRUSTED ANYMORE. They've both been very careful about leaving tasty foodables on the counter... and the table after I snagged the full bag of Zukes Salmon training treats. My bad, I dragged that almighty bag into the living room for my victory dance and was caught. Note to self: eat it, then celebrate the victory.