Tug O' War

 My most favorite game in the world is Tug O' War. I love tugging. I love tugging so hard that I pull Bleeder off her feet, then I attack her. It's so much fun.

I'll play tug with anything! The ring toy, balls, squeaker toys, the noodle (it used to be a ring, but I broke it). 

I love chasing things, then running back with it, dangling it just out of their reach to mock them, then feel sorry for them, give them an end and then rip their arms out of their sockets.

I love this game.

Toast got a very long package the other day.

I sniffed it to make sure it was safe (one of my roles is "Homeland Security"), then he opened it up.

It was full of fun paper stuffing! I had a great time ripping that to shreds and strewing it all over the house, but then he took out this long pole and it has a rope on the end! Great fun trying to catch the rope while he was trying to cut the plastic ties on it. Then he pulled out a smaller pole with wings. Ok, that's interesting and not as fun as the pole with the rope, but I'll give it a sniff.

Then we went outside where Toast used a rubber mallet to pound the winged pole into the ground. I helped by sticking my head in the way of the hammer a few times. Don't worry, I was not injured, nor deterred in helping some more.

Finally the winged part was pounded flush with the ground and then an amazing thing happened... the other pole was inserted into the winged pole and I was free to play with the rope on the stick!

GRRRRR I will win this game!

Just to be clear, I'm only allowed to play with the pole under adult supervision, and when supervision complains that it's too cold or they have to go blow their nose, they lift the pole out of the winged pole and take it inside and hide it in the closet.

Since I don't know when to quit, they also limit my tug sessions to about 5 minutes. It's a great cardio workout.

I also get a bit distracted by the stupid birds and squirrels who probably want to steal my new toy.

Now, while this is great fun, it's not the only games I play in the yard. 

There's skitter quickly around the yard and launch my entire body into Bleeder.

There's fetch the ring and run full tilt into Bleeder's legs.

There's goalie, where they bounce a soccer balls, and launch the the ball straight back at Toast and Bleeder.

I also race balls. They throw them, I beat it to the fence line, and then make them walk over and get the ball to throw it again. They tried using multiple balls, but I won't chase just any ball... it has to be the ball I want to chase. Plus it helps exercise the humans (they need it more than I do).

In the meantime... I will rip you out of the ground stupid pole!

How do they know when I've had enough?

Can I have a cookie now?

Bleeder forgot to post the link to this toy in case anyone wants it on Amazon