Bleeder Caught The Korova

 Last weekend was so disappointing, what with the tiny dribble of snowflakes we got. I was pouting, and I assumed that Bleeder was also pouting, but it turned out she just didn't feel well, and that Monday morning she announced that she had contracted the Korova.

As a Siberian Husky, I know that Korova means "cow" and I wasn't aware that catching cows was a thing, or that they were contagious, I just thought they made tasty, tasty burgers, but you learn something new every day apparently. It has also come to my attention that Bleeder was saying "Corona", but her nose was clogged up and she was also babbling incoherently, but hey, that's nothing new.

Toast fled for safety and locked Bleeder in the bedroom, where I was volunteered to care for her... which is probably the worst choice in the history of making choices, but what's a puppy to do?

Any time she came out of the bedroom she was suppose to announce "Unclean" to allow Toast ample time to flee to another part of the house. He even accused me of harboring germs and licking his feet to contaminate him. He's just got tasty feet, what can I say.

I did my best to observe her for any changes in her condition.

Is that gurgling noise normal? It doesn't seem normal.

If anything bad happens, can I chew on your bass guitars?

May I recommend a shower? You're a bit gamey

Toast is sleeping on the couch, which means that I have an entire side of the bed to use... but what fun is that when you can continue to steal the entire foot of the bed from Typhoid Mary... or Plague Penny... or Toast's favorite new nickname: Death's Dora (the explorer).

I tried to cheer her up with some fun sick-time games.

Come on! Everyone loves ring toss!

It was pretty much every person and dog for themselves at this point and since nobody stopped me, I unpacked the Chewy monthly food box by myself.

These recycling restrictions are ridiculous

Finally, Bleeder was feeling a bit better yesterday and has been trying to get back to normal, although she has residual blech still. Apparently she'll be going back to work on Monday, but is taking a "see how it goes" approach, especially in regards to the unspoken "hey, did you know Korova has a fun gastro-intestinal component?"

Let's hope Toast doesn't get it next. I can't handle this much excitement. 

No, I don't want to guess how many tissues you've used.

-Nurse Casey-


  1. Maybe you should get paid BY THE TISSUE - so woo might want to count 'em -

    And WE do hope your a charging Penny And The Plague for YOUR valuable medical professional time -

    Willow and Phyll


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