Everything's Fine

 Don't freak out over the lack of blogging. I rely on Bleeder to transcribe for me, and she's just a miserable, lazy person... for instance, I want a cookie, and she has yet to get up and fetch me one.

In my last post I mentioned that I was given my heartworm pill and Bleeder and Toast were on seizure watch... well, exactly 7 days (144 hours) after I took it, sure enough in the morning I was all punky and then vomited a lovely technicolor bile/water mixture, and normally I would puke 2 more times and then have a seizure, but this time (thanks to the anti-seizure medicine), I was only a little wonky and pukey for a bit and then went back to semi-normal. Semi-normal because nobody likes to horka, and I was a bit freaked out by things, like bright lights, and loud noises.

Fortunately for me my non-seizure day was the day my humans had workmen in to install new windows in the house including my Gladys Kravitz window.

I was shoved downstairs with Bleeder watching closely while the workmen banged and clanged and walked in and out, in and out, more banging, clanging and frankly I pretty much semi-supervised...

HEY! Be careful with that window, it's MINE!

and I also hide under the chair and the treadmill because the light was too bright, and the workmen were loud and I'm very sensitive after these "episodes".

It was very nice and cold downstairs though. Bleeder actually turned a bit blue. I don't understand why she just didn't go upstairs and get a coat, it's not like she doesn't have a coat, she has way too many coats. Afterwards she remarked "why didn't I get a coat or shut the air vents?" and I responded: "because you're a moron.", and she agreed. She muttered something about hating split level houses and moving. 

Since the "episode" I'm normal again, still getting my 3 times a day pills, but now I just get them with tasty peanut butter, or with cream cheese. My new window is AMAZING! It's very clear to see EVERYTHING going on in the neighborhood, and it doesn't fog up like the other window. I'm slightly disappointed that the rim is made of metal and not chewable... I tried, it tasted horrible and they yelled at me.

One dastardly thing is that I'm on a diet. The humans have determine that I'm getting too close to outweighing the minimum heartworm dose they've put me on to give me less neurotoxins and therefore less of a "reaction".

They even have a detailed spreadsheet and mark down EVERYTHING I eat! Did you know that june bugs are 201 calories? SERIOUSLY! I barely get enough to eat in a day. My unlimited supply of after dinner treats have been severely curtailed, no more frivolous amounts of french fries. It's indogmane. 

Every few days they make me sit pretty on the scale for half a slice of provolone cheese (40 calories) but to me, that's worth a whole slice. I am losing weight though, so I guess that's a good thing.

On the bright side, Bleeder cooks up a tasty batch of boiled ground turkey to sprinkle in my foods every feedings with warm water gravy and kibble to help fill me up... and my poops are AMAZING.

They run me ragged with my dinosaur toys (which I have yet to destroy...GODOG), and I even get to take them outside for a bit of squirrel watching with me.

Keep a close eye out T-rex, the squirrels are wily

Speaking of squirrels, they seem to have disappeared now that their escape tree is went on vacation. Bleeder was out hacking back some more shrubbery along the fence that they used to sneak into the yard... so they don't come here no more. Very disappointing.

I've also discovered a very comfy place where I can lay on Toast's feet (Bleeder needs to dust) 

but I prefer napping on the couch on my personal pillow with him and leave no room for Bleeder.

She's horrible anyway, what with holding out on the treats.


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