My Work is Never Done

Now that the weather is FINALLY turning cooler, I have high hopes for snow this year. I know the humans are also hoping for snow, as they are utterly disgusted (as am I) with all the tasty, tasty bugs, and the heat, the humidity, the ghastly hotness of the summer, and my lack of proper exercise because it is so hot outside that I am forced to ricochet off the bed while they are still in it for my daily step count. Hey, I gotta keep in shape somehow.

Besides, their idea of "enrichment" is pathetic. For example: escape the dirty sheets.


I did enjoy: destroy the box.

Even better is that Toast no longer has "core hours". The stupid, yet very tasty, work laptop is gone, and now he has nothing but Casey time during the day.

I didn't realize that no core hours meant that I would be assisting him with the chores though, I just thought that I could bounce off of him, pull the rope with him, and stick my nose in his face while he napped all the time now instead of after the laptop got put up.

Enrichment doesn't mean helping with laundry, wiping my muddy feet before coming into the house, and being expected not to rip up vulnerable bits of apparently important paperwork as he sorts through them.

I'm also expected NOT to dig in the carefully cultivated new tasty dirt with tender shoots of tasty grass area. Clearly the removal of the fencing means it is fair game, and like all huskies through time, I totally ignored the lack of fencing for an entire day (come on, that's like a record) fooling them into thinking that I felt this "new" playground was off limits.

Oh no, I was just waiting for the prime audience viewing moment when both of them were present before going bat poop crazy on it.

As expected, the fence went back up, my work here is done.

Anyhoooo, yep, we're all happy with the cooler temperatures, and I've resumed my soccer goalie practice, my zooming around the yard, body checking Bleeder, and yard tug. 

By the way, I do approve of my new viewing windows. I get a much clearer view of the neighborhood and I do not approve of the new planters the people across the street put in, I think they are too gaudy and clashes with their brick facade.

Seriously? That's hideous, did Bleeder design those?