I will be totally straight forward and honest because I am an honorable puppy:

I have water issues.

I don't like to drink filtered fridge water, I prefer lukewarm tap water.

I will stick my head in the shower when someone is in there, I will lick the bath tub after they shower, but I will NOT get in the tub if there is water in it, nor will I get all the way in if the shower is left running.

I don't mind rain. I like rain. I like mud. I will lay in mud... 


The sprinklers are supposed to go off at certain times when I'm not outside.

The sprinklers are supposed to ONLY go off when I'm not out there.

The humans are supposed to tell me if the sprinklers are about to go on, and I will absolutely NOT leave the deck if they are on.

So yesterday when I go out to do my afternoon constitutional at my usual time, and I search and finally find my perfect poo spot, then I get into position...


I'm already in position over the perfect poo spot, it's not like I can abandon the mission, things are in motion, and there's no stopping that.

I had to stand there and take it.

There were glares and words.

I may have even rubbed my wet fluff on Toast, but there will be a reckoning... 


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