Writers Strike - Heroes (Part 415)

As the stupid humans are harder to thwart than first thought, two more husky heroes have had to delay their air conditioning vent naps to help fight their stupidity.

Jack has kid magnetism. Wherever he goes, kids are pulled into his highly magnetic fur and stick. Some feel its the static electricity of the fur that does it, but everyone knows that Jack is just so soft that he's irresistible. Once he's gathered as many kids as possible, he takes them to HULA headquarters where other huskies lick their faces because kids always have food on their faces.

Star has those baby blue eyes that stupid humans just can't seem to resist. They stare into those mesmerizing eyes and look at her fluffiness and fall fast asleep. Just look at her, look at those eyes! You're starting to feel sleepy aren't you. You want to yawn, don't you. I bet you just yawned. Its probably too late, you'd better just lay down rather than hurt yourself when you fall. When you wake up, huskies will rule the world!


  1. Wooos! We love our episode of Heroes! Glad you found a good use for our special qualities - we're always happy to help HULA achieve husky domination. Jack is especially static filled lately, he's shocked hu-mom a dozen times this week! I just walked by him & ZAP! right on the nose! You could hear it crackle across the room. Would you ask Cracker to pick up some husky conditioner rinse while he's out getting squeakies?

    Wooos and a-rooos,
    Star & the Jack the zaper-roo

  2. No problem, Star! I'll get right on it as soon as Mik finishes breaking into Ft Knox.
    We love your episode, too. Such magnetic & mesmerizing personalities! Our Queen is excellent at choosing her champions.


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