Writers Strike - Heroes (part 300)

The frustratingly stupid humans continue to breed and be stupid despite the heroic efforts of past husky heroes. Next up, two of River Hill Pack use their super powers to defeat the humans:

Chili uses his directional fur spray to cover the humans in a mass of fluffiness to keep them from doing stupid things.

Mikki is currently tunneling under Ft. Knox. While most huskies tunnel out of things, Mikki has begrudgingly accepted the job of actually tunneling INTO something so that the other huskies can steal all of the money. Once they have all of the cash, they will then go on spending sprees and buy every squeeky toy in the world and deafen the humans with one gigantic coordinated squeek.


  1. How Coowoowool!
    We're so honored to have our super powers rekhognized by our khween. (Khyra-speak is rubbing off....)
    We proudly serve to benefit all huskies everywhere.
    Chili & Mikki

  2. Woo and WooHoos!

    YES - that will do it - I mean, we don't use our ears but they tend to like theirs -

    They must love to hear themselves talk - fur we know we really DON'T khare about what they are saying -

    Unless of khourse it inkhludes the words food, walk, and/or ride!

    So, that's one small step fur khanines, one giant leap fur khaninekhind!

    I bow to you my KHWEEN ~^..^~



    P.S. Thanks bama!


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