Saturday, February 16, 2008

7 Weird Things

Ok, Thor or Lita tagged me and I’m suppose to post 7 weird things about me.

Hmm, this is most difficult, as everything I do is well thought out, and with a purpose, but I suppose it may sound weird to all humans, and some dogs (huskies all know the ulterior motive behind our concepts, so there’s no reason to explain them).

Ok, lets see:

1.) Eating Kleenex - While some would think that eating kleenex was weird, especially used kleenex, it is actually part of the master plan to take over the world. First of all, without opposable thumbs it is impossible to wipe our delicate little po-pos after we poo. By eating kleenex we not only get the required fiber in our diets, but we also wipe ourselves from the inside out, making sure our intestinal tracts are squeeky clean. The eating of used kleenex stems from the alien invasion of 1938, which was broadcast on the radio. Although the humans cleverly covered up that attempted invasion by strange beings from outer space by saying it was just a radio program, it actually did happen, and the aliens were thwarted by the icky germs that the humans have and they had no immunity to. Well, by eating the used kleenex of the humans, we huskies are ensuring that the humans don’t try that stupid trick again where they contaminate our husky forces with human germs.

2.) Sitting on the human woman’s head - once again you may think that’s cute, charming, or endearing, but its all part of conditioning the human woman to get use to me sitting on her head and then one day... ok, I would never smother the human woman, but hey, look at the power I have. I could if I wanted to, but I know a good thing when I sit on it and frankly until we get dog manufacturers that stop putting tasty things in cans, we’ll need the humans and their thumbs to open or food.

Since I want to give the mutatoes some equal opportunity time (and since they are way more weird than I am) here are some weird things about the gimpies:

3.) Sam sits on everyone and everything. If its sitting on the floor, he’ll sit on it. If a human is sitting on the floor, he’ll sit on them. He also only poops on things like sticks or a leaf pile. He won’t poo unless there’s something to poo on.

4.) Loki loves to lay in leaf piles, but only after he pees on the leaf pile. He’s so disgusting.

5.) I refuse to have my back feet touched. Just don’t even try it, stop looking at them... stop it.

6.) Sam loves to rub against the shower curtain after the humans take their shower. Also, when the human man puts the gel stuff on his hair, Sam loves to rub himself on the human man’s head. I think he’s trying to get some of the gel so he can comb over that bald spot he has.

7.) The gimpy suck-up mutatoe gets all bent out of shape and cries when he can’t find the human woman, gets jealous if she pays attention to the rest of us, and throws tantrums if he can’t snuggle next to her. He’s such a weenie momma’s boy, I swear.

8.) (just because I couldn’t resist) Sam pees in mutatoe’s food bowl and laughs.

Now, in the spirit of tagging other people... if you are reading this, you’ve been tagged, because I’m lazy. I didn’t add that to my list because its not weird for me to be lazy. Being the queen of the world is tiring.



  1. Nobuddy can touch Meeka's back feet either...or Shadow's. Of course that seems to make the temptation even greater for the feeble minded human. Go figure.

  2. So much sense -

    Too bad THEY don't understand -


  3. GMTA, we posted our weird facts today too!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. You are right, Loki & Sam are WAY more weird than you. They probably don't have a clue why they pee all over everything. At least you know why you eat kleenex, and your logic is undeniable!


    Deer Meeshka,
    I don't see anything weird about being a mama's boy.

    Jack "that's my boy" a-roo.

  5. Very interesting things. The peeing on the food bowl is quite weird.

    Samuel is a velcro boy too with mom. He and Loki sound quite a bit alike.


  6. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I love all of your 8 things! The peeing on the bowl AND peeing on leaf piles and rolling in it is ODD!

  7. Maybe he's not a mama's boy! I stay pretty close to my mama too, but it kills two squeek toys with one bite: I get all the attention I want, with the added bonus of consistently tripping mama up!


  8. I too like to tear up kleenex & toilet paper - it is so much fun. Mommy yells if I eat it. I like yur idea about keeping our insides wiped clean, too.

    I do not like my back feet touched either. But if I have to have them worked on, I do trust mommy.