Honorary HULA award to Max

Yep, Max did his best to steal his master's truck, but those pesky gears and pedals and stuff thwarted his attempt.

Max was on a HULA mission to rob the local Petsmart of all tasty dog treats. We picked him because he had access to a pickup truck and his master is a bit too trusting with the keys.

We're sorry to say that the helicopter that Molly the squirrel promised to steal for us to deliver all of the goodies has crashed on take off. Molly is fine, but hanger and 14 airplanes didn't fare very well.


  1. My mom heard about him on NPR this am after she left me EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SNOWING -

    Max is one khool dude!

    I keep offering to share my snow with you - you SOOOOO need a set of vehikhle keys!!

    Snowy Khysses,

  2. I wish I would have thought of that!

    Woo woo, KA

  3. Mom just read about him but it didn't say what breed he was. That sounded like a Husky move to me! I think I'd like to learn to drive Mom's Jeep.


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