New HULA Member: Flurry

Flurry is quite the overachiever. She came from an abused past, humans weren't very nice to her at all, and on top of that, she had some horrible skin issues and she LOST HER FLUFF!!!

Lucky for her, she found a nice gullible human to take her in, and along with her new brother Aja, they are well on their way to driving their human woman to insanity at speeds too fast to even record.

I am very impressed with her skills, seeing how she was able to infiltrate the household pretending to be a cute, cuddly, non fluffy husky with absolutely no bad manners at all. Its this tactic that works very well for new HULA undercover operatives: act all cute and well behaved for the first few weeks to months and then spring into action.

Here is the evidence of Flurry's hard work and covert operations:

While her human woman was off ignoring her (and not spoon feeding her tasty treats or scratching her), Flurry helped herself to a very tasty lightbulb. Not just your average lightbulb, but one of those new energy efficient "green" lightbulbs that contain just a touch of mercury (which we all know that wasting energy is far worse than contaminating the ground water with mercury after millions of people start throwing these things into landfills... but I digress). This unselfish potentially dangerous act (eating glass AND mercury laden glass at that) caused Flurry's human woman to become unglued and freak out for no real reason, call her vet and whip out an e-mail to the human group she spends all of her time with instead of making sure that her sweet puppy was not sitting around chewing mercury laden glass products.

Not to be outdone, Flurry waited an entire day before striking again. This time, the human woman claims to have only been away from her for mere seconds, allowing our intrepid HULA operative to destroy home furnishings. Flurry's human woman readily admits that she should have kept a closer eye on our little now fluffy innocent husky, and that she should have never left the blanket on the floor at eating level, placing blame on herself rather than sweet, innocent Flurry (shown below admiring her handy work).

Congrats to you Flurry, and Welcome to the HULA Hoop.



  1. Woo go Girrrrrrrrrl!


    Keep up the good work!!!


  2. Wow! I could never hope to achieve that level of destruction. I'm just too small. But I can be devious!

    Huffle Mawson, Siberian-in-training Explorer Cat

  3. Wow, looks-wise Flurry could be my sister! Very, very pretty. Congratulations to her for joining Hula!

  4. Flurry is very clever at her tender, young age. She's well on her way to be quite the Siberian handful. She makes me proud!
    Pee S: And she's verrrry beewoooootiful too!

  5. Flurry rocks! Sounds like the honeymoon is over. Ha rooooo!
    Play bows,

  6. That's why we love you so much Flurry!! You have done a fabulous job using your HULA powers!!


  7. Welcome to HULA, Flurry, and your new coat looks mah-ve-lous, my deah!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack

  8. Welcome to HULA, Flurry! We knew you could do it!



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