Another Brilliant Idea

Yeah, Yeah, I know, its been a while since I've blogged.  I've had plenty of ideas to share with all of my many fans, but you know what I have to deal with.

Every time I've clawed her to let her know its my turn on the computer, or the iPhone, or the iPad, she just pushes me away, or bribes me with a cookie.  I don't tolerate the pushing, but I'll take a cookie any time.  Frankly it got to the point where I was bugging her to blog just to get a bunch of cookies and I was so full from getting so many cookies that I didn't feel like blogging anymore.  Hmmm, perhaps the human woman isn't as stupid as I thought.

Anyhoo, the latest greatest brilliant idea she's had was to get me a cooling bed.  Its something called the Canine Cooler.  Its some handy dandy squishy bed that's suppose to keep my nice and cool in the house.  Um, that's why air vents were put in floors, but hey, whatever.

The only problem with this thing is that at first it smelled really bad... like new plastic.  Overwhelmingly icky new plastic.  The human woman tried a few things to make the smell go away, like spray Febreze on it, but that just made it smell like plastic flowers.  Then she tried covering it up, but that defeated the whole cooling soothing purpose, so then she decided that the only thing she could do was to rub the Mutatoe all over it.  That took out some of the stink, but then it smelled like Mutatoe and who wants to lay on that?

It also feels strange, its all squishy and weird feeling under my feet, so I wasn't too crazy about it.  At first I just put my delicate little front feety feet on it, and yes, it was cool and soothing.  Then I lay my head on it, but that's where I draw the line!  I'm not going any further.

The human woman tried several ways to entice me on the thing:
1.) pushing me onto it.  I merely walked over it and jumped on the bed.
2.) pulling me onto it.  I merely knocked over the human woman and jumped on the bed.
3.) telling me that I wasn't allowed on it.  While a brilliant stroke of reverse psychology, I didn't fall for it.
4.) Telling me that if I didn't like it, I'd give it to the Mutatoe.  Mutatoe laughed and said he didn't even want it.
5.) this:
That didn't work either, I mean really... now it smells like human woman and who wants to lay on that!


  1. My mom bought me a temper-pedic dog bed that I want no parts of. It was fairly expensive. I like the cheap thing she got at Tuesday Morning better.
    Or the bathroom floor by the AC vent.
    Humans are funny.
    Play bows,

  2. That is funny!! I know Holly wouldn't go for one either! Debbie and Holly

  3. Why doesn't the woman use it to keep cool now that it's all broken in? Oh, it's a doggy cooler. Right. Well, do you have a plastic doggy that might want to stay cool?

  4. Lets face it: humans try too hard. Give me a hole in the dirt to stay cool in any day over some nasty-smelling plastic thing.

    miss moo

  5. What won't they come up with next. You should just humor her and lay on it for awhile. I am sure she was trying to be nice....I'm just sayin'....

  6. Anonymous7:40 PM

    HAHAHAHAHA. Humans are the silliest things ever!
    I am glad you didn't fall for the human woman's tricks!

  7. If it is expensive, we might chew it up. Just saying.

  8. Have you tried dragging it to somewhere more comfortable, like outside on the deck?

  9. Dumb inventions. Stick with the cooling vent.


  10. WOO WOO

    Thor and I are on the floor laughing our heads off at this silly bed thing? We are thinking the AC vents work prefectly, why would we want this?
    Thor and Marco Polo

  11. It might still work. The human woman sleeps on this pad thing, and it keeps her cool. And you sit on her head, and that keeps you cool. I hear the human woman is like a big vent.

  12. That's funny :)

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