The Leash

This morning the Mutatoe got the 2nd of the 3 fledglings in the deck nest.  The human woman has decided that at least one of the tasty snacks has to make it out of the nest, so she's getting the collar and leash out and only taking us out hooked up to her.  This is ridiculous. 

First of all, she has no idea where my favorite pee spots are, and she keeps trying to lead me over to where the Mutatoe pee spots are... euw, not going there.

Secondly, if the leash comes out, that means going someplace fun, and the back yard is not fun, especially on a leash where we can't chase little fragile squeeky birds that can't fly.

I am NOT amused.


  1. Let's make a deal. Tell her to install a KFC drive through in the back yard and you will leave the last robin alone. Sounds fair to us.

  2. I like the Herd's idea. Otherwise you could try pooping on her shoe. That will teach her to be so close.

  3. We love both of the above comments!!! We'll go with them! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. Hey! I go on leash walks in my own yard all the time. Something about practicing my manners. Of course it is confusing since that is exactly when I should NOT pee.

    BTW - There are plenty of robins. Maybe they need to rethink where they build their condominiums next year.


  5. Hm, this seems like its more a problem with robins than with Sibes... maybe she should just relocate their nest.

    jack a-roo & mis moo

    Heehee - our word is "mutatorn", sounds like what happened to the fledgeling!

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