New HULA member: Pippa

Although now retired, in his day Pippa was a valued undercover operative to the HULA cause.

Since Pippa is now retired, its ok to reveal his wonderful deeds to the cause of global Siberian Husky world domination.

Pippa started his mission by finding two humans to take him in, and from there... all chaos ensued as Pippa dove into his undercover mission to drive his humans insane without their knowledge.

Pippa has been instrumental in uncovering the master cat plan of world domination and doing whatever necessary to thwart their mission.

Still striving for perfection even in retirement, Pippa still manages to get his toast, steal the couch, and demand things from his humans to keep them on their toes by looking at them with his sad eyes and melting their resolve until they give in to his every whim.

Yes, they dress him up in a silly raincoat, and yes he's modified their behaviors, driven them insane, and loved to rip up papers and stuffs in his heyday, so in his own quiet cover way, Pippa has oozed with HULA qualifications through the years with very little recognition (as all covert operatives must do until retirement).

For this, we thank him with a hearty woo of a job well done.



  1. Oh!! I am so excited to be recognised!! I must have jumped through the hoops at some point :)

    Did you know that HULA also stands for a charity in the UK - home for unwanted and lost animals? Most appropriate I think.

    Do I really get a certificate? Misery will send you a mail on facebook for you to send it to us :)



  2. Well she would if she could work out which PB you might be. Maybe she'll just send it to meeskasworld.


  3. Sent from roughseas just in case it goes into spam.

  4. Well done Pippa and welcome to the HULA hoop!

  5. Every dog must have his day! Congrats on finally getting the recognition from HULA woo richly deserve!

    HULA operatives jack & moo

  6. Congratulations Pippa! HULA is quite the honor!

  7. Oh Pippa! I have always KNOWN you were extra special! How wonderful that you have been recognized for your many accomplishments! I am so very proud to be one of your girlfriends!

    Always by your side my darling!
    Your Skye


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