New HULA Members: Avery and Brogan

Dear Queen Meeshka

We are submitting a double HULA application to you today. Our brother Quinn was a proud HULA operative and before he went to the Rainbow Bridge he passed the torch on to us. We may not be “real” huskies, but we have lived with the best of them. Potential member #1 is Avery the Siberian Psycho Terrier - half husky, half terrier, all evil. Potential member #2 is Brogan the Dwarf Australian Setter - a mystery breed with a lot of potential.

Here are our qualifications.

Demonstrating disruptive behavior:
Brogan’s specialty is “retrieving” items. Or rather, carrying them around in his mouth and depositing them outside. Mom is always finding her socks outside, which is particularly disruptive during the winter:

Avery prefers to terrier-ize those around her such as brother Quinn and foster brother Phoenix (another HULA operative)

Causing humans to freak out:
One day Avery and our brother Eli (also at the bridge) begged mom to let them stay out of the crates when she went to work. When she came home she found out the front door blew open and both of them went walkabout. They’d been on the run for hours and mom didn’t even know where to look for them. Mom is very thankful for nice neighbors who like dogs. Brogan is more subtle in his freak out skills. He prefers to do things like horka for no reason or limp for a week for no reason - even the vet was stumped - before miraculously becoming healthy again.

Destroying something:
We’ll never understand why she continues to buy stuffed monkeys.

Human behavior modification:
Brogan is a consummate shoe thief. Mom tried putting her shoes on top of the crate but he’d just climb up there and retrieve them. Now when she lets us OUT of the crate she puts her shoes IN the crate and locks them in.

Humans dress you up:
Yes! That evil woman made us dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween!! Sure we won the costume contest, but come on! Brogan had to wear a wig and Avery had to have her hair sprayed electric blue.
Even worse was the “photo shoot” she created when she got bored after she lost her job. Poor Avery hasn’t been able to show her face at the dog park since then.

Love of Kleenex and all things paper:
Brogan’s personal favorite is toilet paper. We love watching mom crawl under the couch (with pants around her ankles) to retrieve the roll of toilet paper he’s stolen and deposited there. Next best thing is paper towels. And Avery does not take kindly to being scolded for shredding them.

We are forever your humble servants.

Avery and Brogan

- Welcome to the HULA Hoop!  We also mourn the passing of faithful HULA member Quinn.



  1. Welcome to the HULA hoop, Avery and Brogan! You sure have some impressive credentials.

  2. You are two awesome creatures! Welcome to the Hallowed Halls of HULA.

  3. Meeshka! How does one become a member of HULA? Pippa says he wants me to join!

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Possibly the best HULA application I've seen (I snorted my coffee a couple of times)! That Avery is one gorgeous terrierist!
    Jane and Denali's Legacy Pack

  5. OMD!!! Those are two adorable pups! And, very well earned HULA applicants!! Great job you two!

    Khady Lynn

  6. Welcome to HULA, woo two destructo-pups! (woos, you are one crazy-looking Siberterrier, Avery!)

    jack & moo


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