I'm pretty sure I've already told you (a zillion times) how slow my Human Woman is.  She dawdles to the door when I have to pee, she dawdles opening the door up for me when I want to come inside, and most importantly, she DAWDLES when she feeds us!

First she'll yell out the annoying "Who wants food-food?" in that high pitched meant to be cute and adorable but its very painful to our sensitive ears double speak crap.  She gets us all worked up and hungry, and then she sloooooowly walks upstairs.  Sometimes she gets lost or distracted by something pretty and starts doing something else.  Meanwhile we're drooling in our EMPTY food bowls.

Then she'll manage to find her way upstairs and into the kitchen, where she may open the fridge and find the canned food, then sloooowly walks to the counter to place the dog food can.  Then she'll sloooowly gather the food bowls, perhaps remembering to do something in the middle of getting the food bowls and wandering off.  Meanwhile we're screaming at her to hurry up, and Mutatoe is gnawing on the water bowl.

Finally she'll get the bowls on the counter and open up the sacred food bin.  She has a scoop she uses to measure out our meager portion and she does it ONE FREAKIN SCOOP AT A TIME!!!  By now the spineless bionic hip/knee pup is springing in and out of the kitchen.

I finally had enough of this and took matters into my own hands.
Yeah, don't mind me, I'll just get it myself, thanks though.

- Meeshka


  1. ARG! you could perish with all the dawdling about she does. Now that you know how to get into the foodables at least you won't have to worry about starving to death.

    We have the same problem here. Momma will say, "anybody want puppy food?" and then just sit on her lazy rump staring at us. I think Pea's head might explode.


  2. Now that's the way to get served dinner. Maybe she'll let you help yourself for meals now. hahaha

  3. Sometimes you just need to take things in paw. Your human woman is as slow as mine. I'm sorry for both of us.


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