Bed Coup

It's been very unexciting around here for a while.

There hasn't been any snow... well, some flakes, but not SNOW that you can create a little mountain out of and sleep.

It's been cold, which is fine with me, but the humans aren't that crazy about it.

The usual day-to-day grind of napping, sleeping, napping, eating, napping, going out to poo.

The fun starts at night though.

Not only do we continue our "let's get the humans up at the butt crack of dawn so we can pee" routine, but Sam has decided to throw a coup and take over the bed.

It's been a slow process.  The Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee dog is a professional napper.  He can't even get into the Olympic because he's that much of a professional, although apparently you can get in if you are a pro basketball player or something... what's up with that?

Because he prefers laying on the Sleep Number bed, Sam will go to great lengths to make himself look very uncomfortable on the myriad of expensive orthopedic beds the humans have strewn throughout the house.

The Humans fall into his evil plan and plop him onto the Sleep Number (Sam is a 25).

Since he spend so much time on it, he's formulated the perfect napping strategy, honed his skills

Please note that he has discovered the beauty of the cushy pillow.  Yep, those humans are pretty smart, they cushion their heads on bags stuffed with soft feather things.

Unfortunately, at night the humans also use the gigantic soft bed, and this makes Sam very angry.

How dare they encroach upon his personal sleepy spot! After all, they spent all of that money for those dog beds, so why can't they sleep there.

He felt that was a brilliant idea and has set about to change the bed dynamic... one night at a time.

His approach:  slowly herd the Human Woman out of the bed.

I give her a week before she's sleeping in the front room on the orthopedic dog bed.


  1. He's welkhomed to khome here -

    I prep the bed fur MHW but once she's in it, I'm out of there to my spots on the floor!


  2. Checking in to see how the Human Woman is liking her new sleeping spot? ;-)


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