Where Have We Been

Yes, yes, I know, I know.

Sometimes things just get so out of hand, and wacky, and loopy, and then you have to rely on humans to do your typing and who can depend on that???

We are all still here... no need to freak out.

Some of us are more creakier, ok, who am I fooling, we're all getting older and we're all creaky in our own special ways.

Sam has had more issues than Mutatoe and I... because he's the most expensive bionic hip/knee spineless and now nose bleedy husky in the history of huskies.  He has taken freaking out the humans to all new levels that I don't think any husky has ever accomplished.  But he's still hanging around and reaping the benefits of gimpyism to it's fullest.

More on that later.

Mutatoe and I are on drugs.  Yes, you heard that right.  After a particularly nasty string of thunderstorms and THEN the upcoming Independence Day tomfoolery, the Humans gave up and begged our vet for drugs.  Real drugs.  Good drugs.

In case you can't be bothered to go back and find out what happens when it storms or fireworks are set off...

I leap up (usually from a sound sleep) and pee on the nearest dog bed (whether its occupied or not)

Then I frantically pace, pant, and claw.

They tried the Thundershirt

Didn't work.

They tried:
Rescue Remedy
Calming caramel things
calming biscuit things (of many varieties)
Loud music
Safe spaces
Open spaces
letting me go nuts


I kept getting worse and worse, more frantic, more stompy, more clawy, and more freaking out... y.  On top of that, the Mutatoe started getting more and more freaking outy as well.  I've never seen a dog drool as much as he can.  I can only imagine he stores all of that drool in his ample ass.

A phone call that involved begging and weeping later, the Humans left and returned with a bottle of pills.

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!  I like how it's the same thing forwards and backwards.

Anyway, a big storm was approaching and the Humans gave us all a tasty gooey treat and about 20 minutes later I started feeling lovely.  Very relaxed, very I don't care.  I took a nap.

When the first big boom of thunder hit, I automatically jumped up and peed on the first available dog bed, but then I was like "dude... got any snacks?"  The Human Woman took me downstairs and I got comfy on a dog bed and she fed me the most amazing jerky treats!  I've had them before, but for some reason THESE were very tasty!

A little later I felt sleepy, so I napped.

Mutatoe had the same reaction (except he doesn't pee on dog beds), but was so zoned out that he just lay in his crate and watched some imaginary butterflies dance around his head or something... he's weird.

After our naps a few hours later, we both felt very refreshed and absolutely frisky!

A few days later we got some treats and a bit later the fireworks started and lasted for 4 hours, but you know what?

Nope, we don't care
Didn't care.  I lay downstairs watching tv, Loki threw himself on our own personal couch and took a nap.

When the fireworks were over, we all went back upstairs and went to bed.  The next morning we both felt FABULOUS and frisky.

Oh yeah, this is so much better than freaking out, pacing, panting, stressing, getting all bent out of shape.  I don't know what these pills are, but they're great!

So, that's the latest news around here.  I'll tell you all about Sam's issues later, I promise.

Don't worry, I'm keeping a close eye on him, so he'll be fine.

Oh, and just to prove that everything is normal around here... Mutatoe got his ample ass kicked by the raised water bowl.


  1. Dear Queen Meeshka,
    As our mom likes to say, "Better living through chemicals". We're so glad you found something to help you through those LOUD, scary times! We have the same non-stop fireworks/firecracker occurrence here. We're OK in the house, but prefer not to go outside until it's an absolute "must"!
    Cam and I find it ironic that the same civilians who complain about the range fire noise from Fort Riley (which didn't bother our great-sister Storms, though fireworks and t-storms did) are the ones setting off the fireworks. Odd, these bipeds!
    We're trying very hard not to laugh about Loki and the water bowls, but it's tremendously difficult. Tremendously!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  2. Hi Meeshka! I'm Melon, and I'm a human, but I have many adventures with animals which I blog about. I found your blog a while back, thought perhaps you'd abandoned it as there weren't any new posts, but glad to see you're blogging again! Looking forward to getting to know you and your siblings!


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