Let's Talk About the Humidity

 I'm not a big fan of this weather! It's too hot. 

I'm a Northern Breed and I demand cold weather, and snow, I want snow. None of this FEELS like 110 degrees with 1500% humidity stuff where I live.

Not only that, but for some odd reason, the Bleeder tried to put a pretty princess costume on me. It's not very pretty, and I am a princess, so I know pretty and I know princess, and the drab gray onesie she tried to snap me into was not pretty or princess-like. I've seen prison garb on tv that was prettier. She said that I might need to wear it soon during the Spaycation. I'm not exactly sure where we're going on this spaycation, but if I have to wear that outfit... eeesh.

There's too much change going on around here, what with my day-time crate time. I used to just lounge around the house all day while Toast worked. Sure, I demanded some attention during "CORE HOURS" and may have clawed some ruts in his arm trying to get his attention, but this doesn't warrant locking me up all the time.

Then they've been randomly putting on pants and then leaving me... in the crate. Sure they bribe me with tasty frozen yogurt kongs and chewies, but they left me. I'm supposed to go with them. I sing the song of my people. I refuse to sing it to Toast and Bleeder, but when you are incarcerated, you sing the song of your people. A harmonic would be nice.

Toast and Bleeder say that it will be the new normal because Toast has to go back to some stupid office. Not sure why I can't just go to the office. I'm a pretty princess, I know how to behave 10 minutes at a time.

I'm a working breed, so I belong in an office setting. For instance, this morning at 0430 sharp, neither the Bleeder's, nor Toast's alarms went off. I dutifully tried to wake them with my gentle ear kisses, and then escalated with some head stomping. Bleeder got up and started rushing around and thanking me for waking her up. We did the usual morning routine, came in for my breakfast, and it was then that Bleeder realized that it was Sunday and not Monday. I said I was a working breed, I'm not a calendar breed.

There was some wailing and gnashing of teeth, especially when Toast stumbled out of bed, not at all happy about being dragged up on a weekend.

Bleeder went out and mowed and then sprayed some stuff all over the yard... and my toys for all of the icky bugs out there. They don't bother me, but being that Bleeder is "sensitive" she's starting to look like a pincushion from the mosquitos.

Anyway, I need to go baste Toast because he just ate Cheetos (and barely gave me any, although he lied to Bleeder about that part).

Here is a random picture of me, because I'm hot and tired and didn't get enough Cheetos.