Saturday, January 08, 2022



Why didn't anyone tell me about this wonderful snow stuff???

Initially it wasn't that impressive... but it was cold, and squishy, and glorious, but then!

There was more snow (and squirrels) and it was cold, squishy, refreshing, and glorious and then..

No, I don't care to come inside, I'm fine
Snow is very tiring though

But then I recharge and go out again, and chase snow balls and pounce on them

My outside water bowl was encrusted in the wonderful snowy goodness, so I dragged it inside and dumped it out on the carpet. For some odd reason, Toast and Bleeder was not a fan of this action, and the liquid sucker was brought out, but I managed to eat a lot of the slush before that happened.

Then I napped some more

Bleeder said that she didn't have enough warm winter clothes to wear outside while we played... and when I say "play" I mean I run around like a scalded weasel while she makes funny noises and waves her arms, and then I get up a good head of steam and leap up and body slam her. I think it's fun, she mutters something about a broken hip and a walker, so I take that as a fun vote from her as well.

Anyway, boxes arrived, I sniffed them to make sure they were safe, and I may have sampled a corner or two to be extra careful, and inside were some new fluffy boots that look like squeaky toys and will be chewed as soon as I have some spare time, and the most amazing smelling gloves. Bleeder says they are made of deerskin, but I don't care, they smell tasty, and every time she puts them on... I can't stop myself, I must lick them, and frankly I would eat them if given the chance. This makes playtime even more fun because now I body slam her, and I leap at the gloves.

Just when I was enjoying myself, the snow started melting and that made me very sad, but then a wonderful thing happened... it snowed AGAIN!

I keep bringing the snow inside in hopes that if the outside snow melts, I'll have some inside snow to tide me over until we get more outside snow.

The inside snow doesn't last long, especially since Bleeder takes it away and puts it into the sink, but I'll keep trying to sneak some in. I don't have long to hoard more snow because I'm told that tomorrow its supposed to warm up and rain. Lots of rain. Like lots and lots of stupid rain to wash my beautiful snow away. But then there will be mud... mud is fun. I like mud.

Bleeder bought two of these huge mittens to dry me off when it rains. She feels that her hands will be safer encased in the floof, as I tend to get a little wild when I'm dried off and nothing will save that paper thin skin of hers when I get excited!  I'll let you know how that goes.


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