Sunday, January 02, 2022

Walking in a Muddy Wonderland

 Have I mentioned that it is 60 degrees and raining here?

I'm a northern breed, a working dog, a sled dog. This weather is NOT what I signed up for. I was told there would be snow, and some snow, and cold. I like the cold. 

I do have to admit, I like digging in the mud, but I'm not fond of the "rough towel" treatment when I come inside. I don't understand what the big deal is. I'm all muddy. 

It will literally fall off of me if  I just run around the house, so what's with trying to smother me with a big towel?

Bleeder got online last night and ordered one of these things, it's like a giant shammy mitten

I have my doubts, but it does look like it would be fun to shred.

Speaking of shred, I'm no longer allowed to have fluffy squeaky toys. Apparently I turn into a possessive monster and won't let them "give" from me. I don't let them give because they TAKE and then I don't see it for days, all because I try to eat the velcro, the eyes, bits of string, the fluff, the squeaker... so unfair. I try to let Bleeder know that I want my fluffies by leaping and clawing her while she sits at the computer chair, then I go and stare at the cupboard where they are kept, but she says no... if I persist, she shows me the evil squirt bottle... something about bleeding, bruising, and holy crap get off me. She's so high maintenance and fragile.

Bleeder has been home a lot for the "howlidays". I'm not sure what these "howlidays" are, but I have enjoyed having full-time Bleeder access to let me in, out, in, out, play with me, claw, claw, leap, attack.

 She mentioned something about going back to work tomorrow... I'm not for that, and I'm pretty sure neither is she, but she also mentioned something about snow tomorrow. I'm also skeptical about that, since it's SIXTY degrees right now!

The BEST thing about the Howlidays is the snacks. Plenty of snacks.

Popcorn snacks with Toast

Chip snacks with Toast

Cookie snacks from Grandma

More popcorn snacks with Toast

We won't mention  how I was attacked by birds, but just know... they are very loud when they all take off at the same time, so I just wanted to run away to plan a better attack strategy... I wasn't scared... nope.


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