Sunday, April 24, 2022

What's Happening

 Hey everyone,

It's been the usual around here, I mean other than I was driven to the vet for my annual shots and the technicians RIPPED my precious claws off. Fine, they just trimmed them, but it was traumatic. I didn't feel it necessary to scream bloody murder though. The technicians are nice and give me treats.

Here I am a year ago waiting for my appointment

'Scuse me, am I next? I have places to be

Here I was the other day

Ahem, Can we hurry this up? I have places to be

You can see, I've grown a bit, and I'm floofier. Why two leashes? Well I have a collar leash and a harness leash because my owners are feeble and need some form of braking system to keep me from dragging them into a busy highway.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I spend my time gutting my favorite ball on the deck.

It's getting just perfect, but Bleeder insisted on getting me two others that are fun for chasing, but when it comes to a good rage chew, you can't beat the gutted ball.

Toast had to put on his pants the other day and leave all day. I do not like this. 

Toast! I know you're putting pants on, STOP THAT!

Although I'm fine in my crate, I do demand some looking out the window time, and some lounging on the deck snooping on the neighbors time, and then undivided attention time, and throw this ball for me time, so this better be a one time thing (I'm told it is not, and will be more frequent).

Hey, I just realized that you have probably been sitting at your computer, or staring at your phone on the toilet (like Bleeder does, and frankly nobody needs that much time to poop) so you need to get up and get a GOOD STRETCH in... ready...

That's better. Now where was I?

Tip of the day: get your human to put a pillow on their lap and then lounge on them. Make sure you shove your front feet into their chest forcefully. They really like that. Very comfy.

Make sure the pupparazzi isn't lurking during your private Toast time... yell at them.

Yesterday was very nice, so Toast and Bleeder came out to sit on the deck with me, watch the stupid squirrels, judge the yappy neighbor dogs, swat at random BEES DON'T EAT THE BEES, and relax.

It was very peaceful and relaxing.

Until Bleeder discovered something.

She started stealing my floof. MY FLOOF! Something about "plucking season". I cultivated that floof for a reason and now she's just randomly pulling my tufts out.

She also mentioned something about "combing", and I'm sure blood will flow.

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