Saturday, April 30, 2022

Laundry Cookie

 I'm a working breed, but I don't for free you know.

So each Friday, Bleeder announces "laundry time", pulls the bag of glorious, perfectly fine stinky clothes (that don't match) and together we go downstairs and then she dumps the bag into the washer (she does NOT separate anything), tosses soapy stuff in the little drawer, and turns it on. 

Meanwhile, it is my duty to sniff around, find things I'm not supposed to sniff, or eat and get glared at and told "NO". Then I go into the music room and sniff, or try to eat things I'm not supposed to sniff or eat (I see you tasty Fender Bass), and get told "NO" again. Once we get past that routine, I run upstairs and wait patiently for slow Bleeder to get up there, then I demand payment for my work in the form of a laundry cookie.

It's actually a "Blue Dog Bakery" cookie (just get the 3lb size). Tasty. She also breaks them up and stuffs them in my little balls to keep me occupied when I'm being too... oh, what's the phrase she uses... "Pain in the butt". 

I don't mind Laundry Duty, as my responsibilities are very minimal, but the rewards are great. Plus I get a change of scenery by going downstairs and sniffing things.

When the laundry is all done, that's where the real work comes in. Apparently the clothes need to be hung up, or folded.

As Bleeder is lazy and just can't be bothered with details, she typically leaves the clean clothes shoved in a basket downstairs over night, curses as she brings them up, and then dumps the basket on the bed to sort, and fold/hang.

This is where my hard work comes in... as I am required to lay on these clothes. Yep, you heard that right. REQUIRED. It seems that the warmth of my body will help iron out the wrinkles from the clothes sitting in a basket overnight. Plus, the clothes are clean, therefore I must deposit my furs on them again. I simply cannot have my humans walking around without furs.

Give me another 5 minutes, this shirt is really wrinkly

Ya know, perhaps if you hung like colors together, you wouldn't look like a dork

After the laundry is all folded and crammed into drawers, we go out and play.

Well, you gonna come take this? Wheel of Doom doesn't throw itself.

Then I'll have my lunch.

Please tell the chef that I really like the pizza cheese better than the cheddar

Then it's onto the deck for some serious judging.

You just did laundry, those sleepy pants are getting so gamey I may roll on them

I got brushed today. I don't mind. I lay there and Bleeder feeds me little training treats while she steals my floof. It feels really nice and I'd lay there for nithing, but don't tell her that, I also want the treats.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting treats for getting dried off.

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