Sunday, May 15, 2022

I Want a Change in Management

 Once again I sit down to blog and all I have left are pictures Bleeder has taken through the week and has already posted to Facebook. If she's feeling like it, she MAY post to Instagram, but usually repeats the caption.

Not only that, but she posts videos of my squirrel stalking, but she never seems to have the camera ready during those times where I've nearly captured the furry little vermin, so she's making me look inept and slow. It's a METHOD! I know what I'm doing!!

I need better social media curators. I try to give her tips and tricks, but does she listen? NOPE. I also try to give her fashion tips for work but does she listen there? HECKIN NOPE!

White clogs... there's something you don't see ANYWHERE

The only thing she could influence are lazier people than she is. I swear, her wardrobe consists of the 4 same things worn over and over in various different configurations. No matter what I tell her, she insists on wearing mismatched clothes because her method of wardrobe picking is "what's next on the hangers" and who cares if it matches. Green pants? She has green pants. Nothing goes with green pants (that she owns) so why on earth does she own a pair of green pants? More importantly, why does she wear them? Even more importantly, she owns a pair of green shoes. She feels that a brown t-shirt, green pants and green shoes are an outfit. It's not an outfit, it's a travesty.

The green pants again? What a surprise

Also, it is Sunday and there has NOT been any pancakes. NONE! No pancakes, no toast, no nothing. I got kibble. Just kibble. Sure there was a sprinkle of cheese, but it's like prison rations here.

The one shining beacon of the week has been that Bleeder has FINALLY washed my favorite blanket. This is my puppy blanket and sometimes I use it to soak up some gravy food I get, and then I suck on it. Don't judge me! It's comforting. My blanket has been sitting downstairs in the laundry room for a full two weeks waiting for Bleeder to bring it upstairs.

Bout time Bleeder

As a compromise, we've placed it on my spot of the bed so I can sleep on it, scrunch it up and use it as a pillow, or suck on it when I want. 

It finally stopped raining and I was able to go out and survey my kingdom from the comfort of the deck.

There are a lot of squirrels, birds, and other woodland creatures trying to break into my yard and I must be on constant look-out.  I'm also happy that today is Sunday and time for Bleeder to swap into clean sleepy pants because if she doesn't, Imma gonna be rolling on these cuz they're like a dead thing.

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