Sunday, May 08, 2022

Who Will Stop the Rain?

 I've had it with this rain.

I don't like rain.

The rain gets into my ears and that's not convenient. Plus I have to be toweled off and that's no fun, although I do get a lot of treats during that procedure, so I tolerate it.

I haven't had any time to go chase the stupid squirrels and the other day I nearly caught one.  It decided to play ring around the tree and I was a bit faster than it anticipated. 

The neighbor yappy dogs haven't been out because of the rain, which means I can't run the fenceline, get them riled up, then sit in the middle of the yard and wait for their owners to come out and yell at them to shut up. When they shut up, I wait for the neighbor to go back inside and start all over again. It's great fun until the yappy dogs are told to "go inside".

The ONLY good thing about the rain and wind are the large sticks that fall. It's a bountiful crop of large sticks that I bring inside, tear apart, then trade up for cheese, then Bleeder gets the Dyson hand held out, which means she cleans the floor of stick parts, then she stands in one place while I dash back and forth and pretends to attack me with it while I skitter back and forth. Great fun.

So, during the forever rain, there was a lot of this:

Look, Bleeder, I got nothing to do, and you watch me poo, so this only seems fair

No, I don't want to chase the crinkle tube again in the house, I want to go out, make it stop raining

What do you mean I can't lay on the clean clothes after digging a mud hole?

Look, I enjoy a challenge, but cramming cheese into this thing is a bit ridiculous


What do you mean all of the cinnamon rolls are gone? I only had two bites you pig!

THANKFULLY it has stopped raining FINALLY! The squirrels are out foraging, there's sticks to be chewed, and muddy holes to dig again! 

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