Somebody's Watching Me

The other day I was napping on the deck with Fashion Fluffy and something caught my eye.

There's a little round thing on the deck, and it has an eye, and the eye has a little light on it.

What the fluff? What is that thing?

I saunter up (with my gimpy leg, which is better since this video was taken) to inspect it.

OMG it's a camera!!!  Toast and Bleeder are spying on me!!! 

How long has this thing been recording my every movement? 

Can a puppy NOT have one second of privacy in this house????

Since I knew Bleeder was monitoring me, I decided to give her the what for.

She came out and pointed out that not only is there a camera on the left side, but there's also one on the right. I cut the video because, well, she's dressed in her gawdawful sleepy pants and stained t-shirt and nobody wants to see that.

Toast put them up because when he's working inside, I like to come and alternate between sundog and shadedog. They moved the grill to another spot where I couldn't hide behind it, and watch the neighbors in peace, and now he can see where I'm at, and what I'm doing. No more chewing bits of deck, no more collecting sticks for later gnawing, no more gathering rocks, no more fun.

This is SO UNFAIR!!!

A girl needs her privacy.

Later I held a meeting with Fashion Fluffy to talk about ways to thwart the cameras, but we were interrupted by Bleeder.

You were NOT invited to this meeting, go way.