Dig Dug Back Yard

 It should come as no surprise that my humans are really into that Dig Dug Island show. Bunch of people digging up an island to find treasure... well, they have yet to find treasure, but I'm pretty sure they will... never... find... treasure.

Anywhooooo, my humans remind me that they're old (I can't run with you, I'm old, I can't have you ricocheting off of me, I'll fall and break a hip because I'm old, no you can't have a slice of pizza... that's not because they're old, that's because they are also just plain mean), so they keep buying "hobbies" to do once they've thrown off the yoke of toil and stay home with me full time.

I'm all "um... aren't I enough? I have plenty of hobbies we can do together, like rolling in a dead thing, taking a pull in some nice tick and poison ivy infested woods while mosquitos exsanguinate you, and my all time favorite: feed me a slice of pizza".

Back to the hobbies thing... Toast bought a metal detector to find treasure in our back yard... or something. They had one but it couldn't find metal if it was sitting on a metal file cabinet. So, in comes the new one and honestly, I'm having a lot of fun with this hobby. Who knew that digging was an actual "thing"? Especially after 2 plus years of Toast bemoaning "OHMYGAWD she's digging to China, we'll never get grass to grow in the yard".

1.) FYI I would end up off the coast of Perth Australia if I kept digging, not China,

2.) There's never been grass in this yard, you've owned 6 Siberian Huskies!

So after Bleeder gets home from work we all go out in the yard and vent our work-day frustrations (well, I stretch my legs from a full day of napping and snacking), Toast's magic stick makes a bunch of beeping noises. Bleeder starts to dig, then I push her out of the way and look for the tasty grubs, dig some more until a squirrel distracts me, then let her take over again.

Apparently this form of digging is perfectly acceptable when you haul a trailer tire out of the hole. Making a note of that.

Just willy nilly digging for grubs is not ok... digging for moles or tree roots not ok... trailer tire, old beer cans, and a tire jack... ok.

I did get a new toy out of this. It's something called "tree limb and yard debris bin lid". Kind of a long name, so I just refer to it as the giant chewie frizbee.

Just the other day, I figured out why Bleeder was all in on this adventure... apparently if Toast digs up the entire yard she won't have to mow. I'm fine with that. Can't wait for rainy season, that'll be a hoot!