Just Another Week

 I've been too tired to blog because of the exhausting yard work that I've been doing.

Dig, dig, dig, dug, dug, dug, dump the dirt and start over. Apparently it's very hard work to break up soil so grassy grasses will grow in the state of Merryland.

It's really sandy dirt, and clay dirt, and lots of rocks and bottles, and cans, and the trailer tire, the rusty jack, the small fishing vessel, and weeds.

Ok, I put the small fishing vessel in there to make sure you were paying attention.

Don't worry Toast, I won't let this dirt blow away

This dirt isn't very tasty

Get off the dirt pile? Nope.

There's been other work around the house.

We had people come and rip out the old house cold box and replace it with a new house cold box. I approve of this, as the new house cold box makes the house extra chilly and I'm all about the chilly, especially after a hard day of sitting in dirt.

Gotta cool off the nether regions

Then more people came and drilled and hacked and clinked around and viola, we have a water spigot on the back of the house so Bleeder and Toast can water the new grassy grass they are trying to grow... and put a barrier around for some strange reason. Is it going to be like a grass zoo? Come see the Zoysia in its natural habitat.

It's not like I'd run over there and dig it all up and eat it... or something like that... no, not me.

There's going to be more people coming to give me a better window to watch the neighborhood, and also something about cutting down a tree... better not be my favorite tree.

I am enjoying my new coffee table though. It's not as fun as the old coffee table because it's very slippery and I can't walk on it, but it does lift up during dinner time so that my snooter is the exact same height as the plates and well... a pup has to sample things.

Ya gonna eat those scraps?

Toodaloo for now.