Working Breeds Gotta Do It All

This whole Dig Dug the Backyard thing has turned into something annoying. 

I was told we'd be digging holes, which is fun, but there are rules, and one of the rules is: when we cover the holes with soft, sniffy dirt, and then sprinkle them with some form of grass seed, we are NOT allowed to slide in at a run and dig the hole again.


I lay in the shade until I hear the BLEEP BLOOP SQUEEEEE sound and wait until the first shovel full is pulled out.

Then I race over like a gazelle and get in the way

After my OSHA inspection, a saunter off to inspect other aspects of the work site
This sifter is dirty, it must be cleaned

Then, when the hole is of sufficient size, I must try it on for size.

When I get too rambunctious, Toast asks Bleeder to lure me away and entertain me. Now I don't know about you, but I do like a rousing game of Wolf and Caribou, and when I say Caribou, I mean Bleeder. 

It's all fun and games in the winter because she dons the cloak of protection, and the gloves of security, and the boots of... boots, and we go full tilt fight mode.

In the summer, she can't wear all of that, it's too hot (I get it, I'm furry, it gets hot under all this fur), but we can't rough play... so I suggested that perhaps she get one of those attack dog training outfits, or just wrap herself in bubble wrap. Not only can I chase and attack her, but it would be entertaining rolling her around and popping those things.

That would be fun. Instead she whips out some tasty packing paper and runs shrieking through the yard taunting me with it. That's fun too, but not as fun as bubble wrap.