The Humans Won't Go To Work

For some reason, the humans won't go to work and they're totally messing up our schedule.

My life revolves around a very strict routine:

5am awake, out, then breakfast, then a nap with the human in bed

7am we get our kongs and nap in our crates

12pm lunch, out
12:45pm we get our kongs and nap

5pm cheese, out to play
6pm dinner
9:30pm bed time

Sure, sometimes the human woman stays home and sits at the computer all day, but that's fine, we maintain our schedule regardless.

This whole week that Uncle Jack has been here, they get up late (and are cranky when we try to maintain the 5am breakfast rule), they lounge around, sometimes they go out and come back smelling like that Starbucks place they take us to. They eat, we eat, then they lay around some more. Its very disturbing.

Right now I'm lounging on the deck in the shade. Its hard to nap on the deck because there are all these bird things tweeting, and other yappy dogs yapping, and generally too many distractions.

I keep clawing the human woman's bare leg, or try climbing on the table, but she just doesn't get it. I'm out of routine... how do they expect us to live with no schedule?


  1. Well, I almost tasted one of those noisy tweeting things and my friend the lab Dudley said they are good eating. But I can't imagine anything better than my dog food, except for maybe greenies or cheese or something.

    My back yard's been noisy lately too and I'm totally off schedule - too much construction going on with guys hammering all day! When will it end? Hope you get back on schedule soon!



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