Important Dietary Supplement

Feeling lethargic?
No energy?

You are probably suffering from a lack of paper and cardboard!

All huskies require a certain amount of fiber in their diet on a daily basis. The humans think that the food they plop out of a can or from a bag will provide you with all of the essential nutrients you need in order to survive. THEY ARE WRONG!

The humans think that we just enjoy ripping apart and eating bits of paper and cardboard, but instinctually, we know that we need this in order to maintain our health and vitality. I'm sure its even good for our cute, fluffy coats as well.

Its perfectly clear in this picture, that I'm eating and ripping apart the cardboard (hoarding some in my toy cage for later) not out of a need to "play". Toys are scattered around me for the playing. Its simply because huskies need cardboard and paper for their very survival.

Even huskies that are fed raw meat and bones (you are so lucky) require a portion of cardboard and paper in their diets. Keeps us regular, and creates some really nice poop sculptures in the yard.

It is up to you to find enough cardboard and paper to survive and thrive. I suggest that you find these items on tables and desks where they are plentiful. Envelopes are especially tasty (that nice minty part) and the humans will thank you, especially if it contained a bill, or final notice or something.

If your human mentions "school" this is a bad thing that keeps them from petting you, so your source of fiber should come from books or papers they spend hours on. Once you eat it, they have no choice but to spend their time with you!

So, check out the tables and desks for good sources of fiber. Your human will thank you later by stroking your cute fluffiness!

Another helpful Meeshka tip.


  1. I totally agree Meeshka. Check out this post of mine where I demonstrate my skill at breaking down and shredding cardboard boxes for my mother so that she can put them in the cardboard recycling bin!

  2. Very cute! Indy sent me here. I used to have a red husky named Meeka!


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