Sorry for the Lull

Meeshka here!

Sorry for the lull, its been a very busy month around here what with people coming to visit us all the time.

For five whole days we had visitors known as "the in-laws" come and stay with us. They didn't quite know what to make of us at first, what with my stand up claw their back greeting, and Loki hitting them with the mutant paw, Sammy leaping on them with joy. We like visitors, but they seemed not so keen to play with us. They smelled old too, so we stopped clawing and just sniffed them a lot.

Our routine was so totally thrown out of whack during this month. We didn't get to eat out on the deck with the visitors, and these visitors would hide when they ate sometimes, which is so totally not fair. We spent some time in our crates while they went places (once again, so totally not fair), but the visitors have gone and we're getting back into a normal routine, and its about time.

The human woman actually had time to play with us a few times today, in between our naps. We got fed on time (although the amount was still not to my standards), and the human woman even played "gingerbread Shmoo" with me (her name for it, not mine), where I pretend like I want to go outside, but then at the last minute I dash around her and throw myself on the couch. She comes up and squishes me into the couch and I bit her (ok, not hard or anything). It was great fun to play that again.

I'm glad the visitors are gone, its very tiring to keep track of 4 people, especially when they never seemed to be in one place at one time. All that running up and down the stairs to make sure nobody was eating or doing fun things without us. We've slept a lot today, trying to catch up on our napping.

Ok, its off for a quick nap before bed time, so I'll be back online more, now that things are getting back to normal.


P.S. I don't know if I have to warn you, but its getting cold out, which means its about time for the annual "put a stupid hat on your husky" season... BEWARE!