Thursday, August 02, 2007

Meeshka, Where Are You?

Yeah, that's what I've been wondering too. Well, here's why I haven't posted, or even drawn the names for the last prize winning raffle thing:
This is the human woman.
This is the human woman having a nervous breakdown.
This is what the human woman looks like when she thinks that she'll be getting home to sit in front of the powerbook and do my bidding, except silly things come up, like:
Yesterday the human man called and said that one of their friends was returning to the states from a place called Afghanistan (that's where all the Afghan hounds come from), and his plane came in at 9pm human time. Sure she says, she had to go straight to therapy (physical, not mental, although she could stand to have both) after work, but she should be home in plenty of time to do the drawing and stuff before then.

Not so much, the evil sadistic physical therapy guy had her there until almost 7pm on some kind of torture rack and laser thing.

So, nothing got done last night, but they did welcome their friend and about 300 other soldiers home from fighting for Afghan dog freedom (or whatever they're doing over there), so I forgave her.

Today she comes home for our lunch and tells me that she has a doctor's appointment, but she'll be back nice and early to do the drawing.

Human man comes home, no human woman. Time to eat comes and goes and no human woman (human man did remember to feed us after I clawed him and gimpy suck up mutatoe yapped for 15 minutes straight). By the human clock, she got home at 7pm AGAIN! She got stuck doing stupid human things and now she's freaking out because she has the drawing and a bunch of other stupid human things that is piling up on her list and frankly she doesn't look very sane (she never does look very sane, but tonight is scary insane looking... if that's possible for someone wearing sleepy pants).

So, no drawing tonight, but she does promise that bright an early in the morning not only will there be the drawing, but all of the prizes will get boxed up and shipped out to those who won them.

Or else she really is getting the claw.



  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Welcoming home a friend who came back from fighting for the Afghan dog freedom is very important. She deserves livergreat for doing that.

    It sounds like the therapy man kept her hostage and tortured her. Maybe he was trying to get information on HULA. If she held out until 7pm it doesn't appear as though he was successful.

    I think both times the human woman deserves to be forgiven. Prizes can wait one more day. Afghan Dog Freedom and keeping HULA secrets are very good reasons for the delay.

  2. Oh dear.. I hope your human women is feeling better and ok now..

    ~ girl girl

  3. We're looking forward to the drawing. Tell your friend who just came from Afghanistan "thanks for serving your country" from the KappPack.

    Kelsey Ann

  4. Well, you can sure tell my the self portrait that she is looking a bit bedraggled and freaked.

    But, at least she was kind enough to welcome home the Afghan hound superhero's!! I hope she told them how proud we all are of them!


  5. So My Queen -

    What do we pounce and claw???

    My hu-mom gets up at 5am - which means I am up then too - although I khan grab some more sleep whilst she showers and gets ready -

    SO how about 5:30?

    Sound Khool?!?

    BTW - have we khonkhluded these hu-mom women are more trouble than they appear?

    Bowing in your honour,


  6. It's ridiculous that you're at her mercy just because she has opposable thumbs, and can package stuff up for you.
    Perhaps you should take this opportunity to sharpen your claws.