Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks for the Help

Thanks! Thanks to all of you that let the human woman know that all she had to do was buy a replacement hose for the dying Dyson.

Sure, that’s easy, instead of saving money which could have taken years while our wonderful fluff continued to pile up higher and higher as it should, now she’s just gone and ordered a new hose. No, we couldn’t have a Dyson free year, you had to tell her she could replace the hose... thanks.

On top of that, she also went and bought a “flexible crevice tool”. Why? I don’t know, but I’m probably going to find out when it gets here, as she’s always ready to try out new things on us. I’m not exactly sure I want to know where the flexible crevice tool is capable of going, but thanks to you... I’m probably going to find out, and I probably won’t be very happy about it either.

Thanks... really, I appreciate it.



  1. All those silly dogs who gave those suggestions! How dare they!!

    I tried to help! I suggested Loki pee on the motor to really kill it!

    Don't worry Meeshka, I'm on YOUR side!


  2. I bark at the one in my house - khan't get near me!

    WOOS MY Queen!

  3. My human told me the tool is good for vacuuming our fur form under the refrigerator. Our fur caused trouble for the cold box back in June. Mom learned she needs to clean under it more often!!!

    -Kelsey Ann

  4. We didn't say anything. Down with vacuums!!

    Steve and Kat

  5. It wasn't us! We don't even know that Dyson guy, we've been trying to murder the mud-making Rainbow forever. And don't even get me started on the Hoover shampooer/extractor!
    We have faith in your cleverness, our queen, it's shouldn't take you any time at all to puncture the new hose a few times, and if you plan it right you might even be able to make it look like the Mutatoe did it!
    Good luck in your eternal struggle against evil,
    Paws still crossed,
    Bama & the RHP

  6. Meeshka another thing you could do.. but make sure the evil monster isnt plugged in. Is to chew the cord that usually goes into the wall.. That really annoys the humans. Peanut chewed up our vaccuum and boy were the humans mad!!!!

    Good luck!! Paws crossed for you!

  7. Wasn't me either. I hate the Dyson monster.

  8. Death to the Dyson!

    Meeshka, we tagged you for a game (if you can take time from your many duties)...see our blog!

    Woos, Star
    and Jack- A-roo!