Trans Fat Free

The human woman read the label of the kong whiz to me and was very relieved to read that kong whiz has no trans fat. That should mean that I can eat as much as I want, but apparently the human woman doesn’t see it that way.

We’ve been spending a little one on one time together, me and the human woman. No nasty brush or comb, no clipping of my finely honed nails. Nope, she’s been putting some tasty paste stuff on a rubber bone thing that has bristles on it and is suppose to clean your teeth when you chew on it. Its very tasty, but she only lets me chew on it for 2 minutes. TWO FREAKIN MINUTES! How can anydog chew on something for only two minutes. If its tasty and fun to chew on, I should be able to chew all I want on it, but no... she takes it away and cleans it up and puts it up high where I can’t get it.

Tonight she also wet a gauze pad and rubbed my chin sore spot. I’ve been scratching my chin again and its a bit bloody and oogie. Of course I’m injured and they’re taking the gacking Mutatoe into the vet. I have a visible wound and all I get is a wet gauze pad wipe. There is definitely some favoritism going on here. The Mutatoe hasn’t gacked in days, ever since they made him an appointment, so I’m sure he’s fine, but here I am. Chin sore... only two minutes of tasty bone chewing. Sigh.

I also want to start the ghoul pool since Uncle Jack will be traveling here to visit us. As some of you may know, when Uncle Jack visits, famous people die out of the blue. He’s responsible for Princess Diane, and also last year’s very surprise celebrity death: Steve Irwin and the stingray stabbing. I’m not sure how he can top that one.

There will be no official prizes given out, just the satisfaction of knowing that you predicted the untimely death of someone famous because Uncle Jack is at our house being clawed. Get your entries in quick by just commenting your choice of dead famous person. Try not to go for the obvious, its usually someone you least expect. While you’re at it, you can also predict the natural disaster or horrible event that will occur while all of the family is visiting, because that usually happens too (Katrina last year, that pesky terrorist attack on 9/11... yep, whole family was here for that one).

Get your entries in now!

(hiding on my bedroom vent until its safe)


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Oh Meeshka... I am sorry that it appears that the world is not on your side right now. However, let us know how Loki's vet appt. turns out. Oh, so... I think our guess will be - Rockin' Roller - Pete Doherty. Apparently he just broke up with his girlfriend Kate Moss, so, he could do something stupid or have it happen to him. So, was your Uncle in town for 2 Pac's death too?


  2. My Mom needs to get my bone paste out too. She has no predictions for the ghoul pool though. She was sad about Steve Irwin.

  3. We just chew on bones to clean our teeth, no brushies for us yet.

    Mom says we can't nominate anyone cuz of something called karma. We thought our karma was red and parked in the driveway.

  4. The least she could do is replace the chewy brushy thing with something else for you to chew on! We get pig skin rolls. They are very tasty.

    I'm going to pick Lindsey Lohan. I think she's going to OD on drugs or alcohol or both. Too bad it won't be Michael Vick instead.


  5. This is mean to say, but in a way, I hope that it's Michael Vick.

    But more probably... Hmmm... Owen Wilson. He just tried to kill himself, apparently. Maybe he'll succeed when your uncle Jack arrives...

  6. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Brittney Spears, Keith Richards or Dick Clark...

    Horrible Event: Tree falling on house

  7. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Celebrity's demise: Paris Hilton.

    Event: major power outage/blackout.

  8. Ouch, your chin sounds painful and you surely deserve more than a wet gauze wipe!
    I think this year's celeb deth will be an that old fart, Hugh Hefner. No special reason, his name just popped into my head.--
    I checked on the net before posting his name, just to make sure he's still alive....and lo & behold the headline on the NY Post is that he is going to get married before the end of the year! I'm betting he doesn't make it that long.
    As for disasters.... hmmmmm, maybe an ice burg will float free and crash into something.

  9. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Hey, Meeshka. This is from a human. I got an idea. Why not you and your family visit your Uncle Jack? That'll reverse the curse!!

    Cool idea, huh?

  10. MEESHKA! Guess what I just overheard. Your human is coming up here AGAIN to see my human, and she's not bringing you. Then they're gong to some cool husky thing and neither of us are going.
    I can't believe it!

  11. Mom said she thinks Alec Baldwin will suffer an unfortunate accidental choking death caused by putting his own foot in his mouth. We're all hoping for NO disasters, seems like there have been way too many in the last few years. Keeping our paws crossed for an uneventful Uncle Jack visit,
    Bama & the RHP

  12. I'm going to go with Fidel Castro - or is he too obvious of a choice?
    Hey, Am posted cool pictures today to show our support for the Hike N Howl. I sure wish we could be there in Siberian!
    Tail wags,

  13. Hoping for Michael Vick...

  14. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Meeshka - Saw your link to the Easy Brush and thought this looked worth a try. Kodiak prompty removed the "brush" - which ends up being a big plastic thing about a square inch in size - and tried to swallow it (another HULA attempt). Fortunately, humans here are used to wrestling things from dogs mouths, so it was taken away. Not sure if the one we bought is defective or what, but wanted to warn you.


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