Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogathon Pledges

It has come to my attention that some people didn't get their instructions on where to send their blogathon payments.


stupid humans.

If you sponsored me, then you can go to the Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue site, there's a button on the first page, near the top where you can paypal your donation.
Or you can send a check (payable to them) to:

Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue

P.O. Box 21202

Philadelphia, PA 19114-0702
If you sponsored Steve and Kat, go to their blog and find out where to send your moola.

I'm in a foul mood tonight. Gonna go sit on the human woman's head for comfort.

(everything is stupid tonight)


  1. We're sorry you're having a bad day, Queen Meeshka. Tell your mom you need a huskoreo to cheer you up! (squish of livergreat on a liv-a-snap, or any other cookie of your choosing, squoosh of cheese on another cookie, then mush the 2 halves together, presto...double stuffed huskoreos!)Want us to send you some?
    After your tasty treat you can sit on her head to show your appreciation. Hope you feel better tomorrow,
    Bama & the RHP

  2. I hope my human wasn't one of those stupid ones....I clawed her to make sure she sent in my money!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  3. Didn't we have some of the same problems last year too? Blogathon has a tendency to mess up. When I tried to click on the link I got so it could register me as "paid" it just skipped right over that and went to the HTHNBR page so I paid. Hopefully it registers that I did.